‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Meghan Markle’s Sister Cast on CBB – Samantha To Smear Royals?

Celebrity Big Brother’s up and coming season could become one huge embarrassment for the Royal Family. More notably, Meghan Markle. The Dutchess of Essex’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has confirmed she is joining the cast of this show.

Meghan Markle’s Sister Fits Right In

The new season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has a theme that works well for describing the rather diversified cast, “scandal.” The house will be filled with celebrities who are caught up in controversial media coverage for the new season.

With that said, Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samatha Markle, falls into that pile rather neatly. The title of the new season is The Eye of the Storm.

Celebrity Big Brother One More Embarrassment for Royals?

Is Samatha Markle going out of her way to embarrass her sister, the Dutchess of Essex? She first emerged in the news early on during Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry. The majority of things she’s expressed about Meghan in the past have been rather disparaging.

Newsweek reports that Celebrity Big Brotherhas gathered a group of celebrities” and that’s “including” Samatha Markle. But to add insult to injury this is going to play out right in the Royal Family’s backyard. The older sister of Meghan is joining Britain’s version of Celebrity Big Brother’s up-and-coming season.

Eye of the Storm

The official confirmation from the show has not been released. But the big media sites such as Newsweek and Us Weekly are reporting their sources to say Samantha Markle is joining the show. And of course, there is Samantha also confirming her new venture.

The other controversial celebrities who reportedly signed-on also tend to fall under this title rather nicely. Because each of them mentioned were recently situated in an eye of the storm.

It is believed that Samantha will talk about her sister despite saying otherwise in recent interviews. She isn’t on the show to talk about Meghan, conveys the Duchess’s estranged family member.

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IBT said how “it was reported earlier that Samantha may appear on “Big Brother” for a royal shakeup.” They go on to say that  Markle’s half-sister is “high on the list of priority.” That is “because the theme for the next show is ‘Scandal,” which makes her ideal for it. The theme is “Scandal” and the title is “Eye of the Storm.”

According to Newsweek, they include, “Bad Girls Club star, Mehgan James. She is romantically involved with Rob Kardashian.” Two other celebrities are also mentioned. They are, “The Only Way is Essex star Dan Osborne and British model Chloe Ayling who was kidnapped in August 2017.”

Celebrity Big Brother Not Only Business Samantha’s Drummed-Up

Samantha Markle has been busy lately drumming some business up for herself. Most noteworthy is the gig reported in a previous article from Newsweek. They report how Samantha Markle is requesting $1,500 for a phone interview.

The media site got a hold of an email response from Samantha herself. And in that email, she is quoting her fee to talk about the Royal family over the phone on the radio. According to Newsweek, the Domenick Nati Show refused to pay her request for a rather hiked-up fee.

Special Deal

Samantha presented her fee as a special deal. Furthermore, she expressed in the email to the show’s host she would do it for him for that amount. She then added how she usually gets much more.

The show refused to pay the “large fee” and they discontinued pursuing Samantha. But they also realized it was “all about the money” for her. “She was very interested until she heard that we were not going to pay,” the source said.

IBT reports that Samantha has offered up her thoughts on life. She claims:

“Life is all about cashing in.”

Meghan Markle Disillusioned

Meghan Markle has been very disillusioned by her family members riding her coattails to make money. Furthermore, she is said to be afraid to speak with her father, who has betrayed her confidence by talking to the media.

According to Newsweek’s source, Meghan is in fear of her father exploiting any conversation they may have. This makes having any communication with Thomas Markle hard for his daughter.

The source said, “She lives in fear that he’ll leak their communication. If he’s spoken this much already, why wouldn’t he leak their conversation?”

Tip of the Iceberg… Celebrity Big Brother and Good Morning Britain

According to the Daily Star, Thomas Markle “sparked fury” at the Royal Palace over his Good Morning Britain interview. He talked about his newlywed daughter and son-in-law last month on that show. This came on the heels of accusations that he posed for photos in Mexico. The photos came off as if photographers ran into him, but it was later learned he posed for the images. It was also reported he posed for a price.

There seems to be a money theme to Meghan Markle’s family. That does not include Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland. She is a wonderful and supportive mother to Meghan according to all accounts.

Meghan’s One Trusted Family Member

Ragland has done her best to stay out of the spotlight, unlike Meghan’s father and half-sister. Meghan gets enough flack from the media, she doesn’t need her family to add to that stress.

With Samantha Markle reportedly joining the new season of Celebrity Big Brother, this has to add to Meghan’s concerns. Not only Meghan but the Royals as well.

Royal Family Not Enthused

The Royal Family has always maintained a certain level of privacy when it comes to their daily life. There is no telling what Samatha will say or do on the show. There are concerns that she could bring more embarrassment to Meghan.

The Big Brother franchise is known for people letting loose. Contestants are known for saying and doing things on camera that can be embarrassing. With that said, Samantha’s ticket on that show is her relation to for her half-sister Meghan’s fame.

So far Samatha has exploited her sister when it comes to speaking about Meghan in public. She is said to be writing a book about Meghan. The title alone already suggests it is a slam for the newest member of the Royal Family.

Nasty Book in Works?

Samantha had originally titled her book, The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister. Apparently, Meghan is Princess Pushy in her sister’s eyes. According to IBT, her up-and-coming book is titled, In The Shadows of the Duchess. 

It is rather sad for Meghan as it seems that her half-sister has been on a campaign to embarrass her. This has gone on ever since she became the future wife of Prince Harry. She continues today now that Meghan is happily married and living life as a newlywed bride.

Celebrity Big Brother has not officially released the names of the cast. They also haven’t revealed when fans can expect the latest season’s premiere show. But it is safe to say there will be a ton of viewers flocking to the show if Samantha Markle does appear as reported.

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