Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Ryan Lochte & Jonathan Bennett Win HoH Comp – CBB US Season 2 Episode 1

Celebrity Big Brother recap starts with a stunning HoH twist that centers on Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett. Host Julie Chen Moonves showed off the new house then introduced the first six celebrity houseguests. But before the end of the hour on the premiere episode of CBB US, Julie shocked the celebs with the first twist of Season 2 Episode 1.

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Medalist Ryan Lochte Could Win CBB Gold

First into the CBB house was Ryan Lochte, a swimmer famous for competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. He says that his love of competition will help him take home the prize! Up next came Natalie Eva Maria, who talked about her time as a WWE wrestler, and her fashion line. She also references her love of competition. Famous Canadian comedian Tom Green discussed his struggles with cancer, and that those experiences would help him in the house.

Lolo Jones noted that she was one of just five people to ever compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympics! She also talks about her desire to find love – could she find romance in the Big Brother house? America’s most infamous houseguest Kato Kaelin (known for his association with OJ Simpson), says he’s there to win. Finally, Tamar Braxton, an award-winning singer, is a Big Brother superfan, and talked about competing for her five-year-old son. That was the first group.

The First Celebrities Go Into The CBB US House on Episode 1

Then, Julie introduced the houseguests into the audience, then they entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. After quickly claiming their beds, they explored the house, finding a fitness center – and some hidden connections.

Ryan Lochte and Lolo Jones competed in the 2016 Olympics together, and both noted that they would have preferred to keep that connection secret. Kato Kaelin announced his connection to OJ Simpson, sparking conversation about the OJ trial. Some were clueless about his “fame”.

Meet The Second Set Of CBB US Celebrities – Season 2 CBB

Next, the host announced that it was time for the second group of celebrities to enter the house! First up — Joey Lawrence, a child-turned adult actor who is excited to enter the house and compete! Dina Lohan, famous “momager” of her children, including Lindsay Lohan, wants to clear up misconceptions about her life, and says that she will be the House Mother. Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett, also has a Lohan link, and can’t wait to tell the evicted players that they “can’t sit with us”.

Kandi Burruss, RHOA star and Grammy-winning songstress, talks about her biggest worry – that her face will give away her feelings in the house. Former NFLer Ricky Williams discusses his journey from football star to healer, but says that his competitive nature will still help him out during the game. Finally, Anthony Scaramucci, former White House spokesman and acclaimed author, says that his love of family and wealth of experience will help him win Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: The Two Groups Get Acquainted

The second group of celebrities enter the CBB US house, getting acquainted with the first group already there. Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton referenced their history with one another in the music industry. Things may not be completely harmonious with this pair.

Tom Green and Anthony Scaramucci chuckled about both getting fired by President Donald Trump – one on Celebrity Apprentice and the other in the White House—will this connection bring them together? The cork pops on champagne and they settle in – but not for too long.

Celebrities Expect The Unexpected

Julie Chen Moonves starts the game by reminding the celebrities about Big Brother’s motto – “Expect the Unexpected”. She then reveals the first twist of the Celebrity Big Brother season. Celebrity Power Pairs. The celeb HGS  will compete in the first Head of Household competition in pairs and one will become the first HoH and nominate two people for eviction.

Ryan Lochte picked Jonathan Bennett. Tamar Braxton with Kandi Burruss. Lolo Jones chose Tom Jones. Joey Lawrence decided on Ricky Williams. Dina Lohan selected Anthony Scaramucci. That left Natalie Eva Marie paired with Kato Kaelin. Because they were last, they didn’t get to play in the HoH comp, but gained safety for the week, meaning that they could not go home at the first eviction!

Head Of Household Competition – Champagne Swings

The Celebrity Big Brother recap shows everyone dressed in iconic old Hollywood style costumes. The celebrities were ready for their first HoH competition. All the contestants, other than Natalie Eva Marie and Kato, hung in swings above the ground, and had to transport champagne to one another in order to fill up an oversized glass.

Jonathan Bennett and Ryan got to an early lead, but all the other pairs quickly figured out what they needed to do to succeed. Despite some close opposition among the celebrities, in the end, Jonathan Bennett and Ryan Lochte won the competition.

A Twist Shakes Up The Game – Jonathan Bennett May Get Evicted in Twist

In the last moments of tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother, Julie announced a new twist to shake up the game. The Celebrity Power Pair will battle each other for Head of Household. Julie also revealed that the loser would automatically be nominated and eligible for eviction!

Will Jonathan Bennett or Ryan Lochte win the Celebrity Power Pair breakup battle? Who will the new Head of Household nominate for eviction – and what other drama is still to unfold?

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