‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Joey Lawrence and Jonathan Bennett – CBB Allies?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers hint at an alliance between Joey Lawrence and Jonathan Bennett. The two share a connection that might just give them a reason to join forces in the CBB US house. As BB fans know, alliances can make or break your game. Here’s a look at the why these two might work together.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Joey Lawrence & Jonathan Bennett – Link Revealed

Joey Lawrence’s brother, Andrew Lawrence, recently worked with Jonathan Bennett on a movie called Stuck Out Of Love. This connection very well could lead to the two forming an early alliance since they possibly have already met before. It always helps to see a friendly face among a sea of strangers.

As we all know, things in the Big Brother house happen fast. The three-week Celebrity Big Brother version moves at the speed of light, so people need to link up during the first several days. It is an essential part of going far in the game. Two is much better than one!


Jonathan Bennett Could Also Rope in Dina Lohan

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers have shown a solid alliance does better with enough people to control the vote each week. Jonathan Bennett and Joey Lawrence’s duo could turn into a trio that includes momager Dina Lohan. Jonathan Bennett also knows Dina from working with her daughter, Lindsay Lohan, in the hit comedy film Mean Girls. She might turn into their third musketeer.

Since Dina is strapped for cash right now, she will be playing to win and winners need a solid alliance. Her financial problems are probably pushing her to win the entire $250K and not just walk away with her guaranteed amount for just showing up to the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Dina Lohan is used to managing her kids’ lives, so its possible she will try to manage things in CBB US. That probably will not bode well for the reality star, so be sure to expect plenty of drama. But if she gets tight with the two young actors, they could be a force to be reckoned with as an alliance of 3 out of 11 Big Brother houseguests.

Other Possible Celebrity Big Brother Alliances

Several other celebrity BB houseguests share passions and careers this season, so their interests could bring them together. Both Lolo Jones and Ryan Lochte are Olympians and might have crossed paths at some point. The two are athletes, so they would make a physical threat, especially if Ricky Williams get thrown in the mix on Celebrity Big Brother.

Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss are singers and reality stars, so they have a reason to become friends this season – if they don’t already know each other. On the other hand, there is a chance that they already hate each other, which is okay, too. Reality shows stars always throw shade and cattiness makes good TV.

Some, like Anthony Scaramucci, are complete wildcards and could fall in with any of the Big Brother houseguests. To see how the game unfolds, be sure to tune into the premiere of CBB US 2 on January 21 on CBS! We’ll update you on any spoilers and news ahead of the new season as events unfold.

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