Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Ryan Lochte First HoH – CBB Live Feed Leaks

Celebrity Big Brother has its first HoH and it’s infamous Olympian Ryan Lochte. This came out when a few lucky viewers got their first glimpse of the CBB US live feeds. CBS opened the digital doors to the house for All Access subscribers on Thursday for a short peek at the celebrities in the Big Brother house and that revealed the HoH.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Ryan Lochte Wins Again

Although he’s used to winning in the pool, this is a new sort of victory for Ryan Lochte. He’s the first Head of Household for Celebrity Big Brother Season 2. According to reports, the HoH comp took place the same night the houseguests moved in.

Although the actual announcement of the first HoH is yet to officially air, viewers watching the live feeds were quick to figure out that it was Ryan Lochte. During the preview, Kato Kaelin joked to the 12-time Olympic medalist that he made his own HoH key so he wouldn’t have to worry about giving him one.

Many assumed that Kato was referring to the nomination ceremony, where the HoH picks two houseguests for eviction. Others think OJ Simpson’s former roommate was talking about the key to the coveted HoH Bedroom, which can only be accessed by the current Head of Household.

CBB US Houseguests in the House – Playing Hard Already

Celebrity Big Brother is back for its second season and fans are already buzzing with excitement. The 15-minute sneak peek on the live feeds reveals the newly redesigned Big Brother house. It looks luxe for its famous residents.

The 12 celebrity houseguests moved into the house on Wednesday, January 16. These include Jonathan Bennett, Kandi Burruss, Anthony Scaramucci, Dina Lohan, Joey Lawrence, Natalie Eva Marie, Ricky Williams, Kato Kaelin, Lolo Jones, Ryan Lochte, Tamar Braxton, and Tom Green.

Live Feeds Reveal Enjoy New York Inspired Big Brother House

During the first live feed for season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother, fans witnessed the newly renovated Big Brother house, particularly the kitchen and lounge. The decorations were a fusion of old-school and modern-day New York City.

Viewers also got the chance to see how the celebrity houseguests interacted during their first day together. At the time of the preview, the house was buzzing with activities.

One group spent time in the kitchen preparing their lunch, while another set of celebrity houseguests hung out at the lounge where they play pool. By the looks of it, the celebrities were getting along just fine — at least for now.

Celebrity Big Brother House: Inside HoH Bedroom

Previously, Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen gave a short tour of the new CBB US house. The HoH Bedroom, in particular, is one of the highlights of the stunning crib. The room features a retro NYC theme complete with nostalgic accessories, such as brick walls, vintage posters, and old-school vanity mirrors.

Ryan Lochte, as first CBB Head of Household, will also enjoy fancy makeup lights, comfy couches, and a bed accentuated by a blue and pink neon lighted headboard. Apparently, the room’s design looks like the “backstage of any Broadway show”.

Celebrity Big Brother will have its two-night premiere on Monday, January 21 and Tuesday, January 22 on CBS. The hit reality show will air for three weeks before its two-hour finale on Wednesday, February 23.

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