Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Jonathan Bennett, Tom Green, Anthony Scaramucci Nominated – Season 2 Episode 2

At the end of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, Episode 2, Ryan Lochte nominated Anthony Scaramucci and funnyman Tom Green for eviction with Jonathan Bennett automatically on the chopping block. But how did we get there?

After recapping the events of Monday night’s episode, CBB host Julie Chen Moonves set up the second part of the HoH competition. With Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett about to face off to become HoH, the celebrity houseguests reacted to the news of the stunning twist. Across the board, the houseguests expressed relief, with Joey Lawrence noting that it was a blessing to not win the first part of the competition.

Celebrity Big Brother: Majority Alliance Takes Shape

Before the second CBB US competition began, Jonathan Bennett got to work trying to set up an alliance with Ryan Lochte, as well as a majority of the house. He worked to pull in Lolo Jones, Tamar Braxton, Natalie Eva Marie, Kandi Burruss, and Joey Lawrence. Tamar, however, expressed skepticism that a “super group” of celebrities would work out, particularly considering her negative history with Kandi.

In the messy aftermath of the twist reveal, Lolo approached Joey about being in the majority group, and Joey stated that he wanted nothing to do with an alliance. Lolo was amazed that Joey refused to negotiate, as was the rest of the audience. Joey said before the game began that he had no strategy for Celebrity Big Brother, and he is proving it already.

CBB US Houseguests Form More Alliances

Following the tense alliance negotiations, Tom Green and politico Anthony Scaramucci had a heart-to-heart conversation. They discussed how it felt when Donald Trump fired them. After discussing the ongoing government shutdown, Tom Green and The “Mooch” both expressed their hope that the shutdown had come to an end since they entered the house.

Elsewhere in the Celebrity Big Brother house, We see Natalie and Lolo promise to protect one another, no matter what. Shortly after this, Tamar, Natalie, Kandi, and Lolo made an all-girls alliance within the majority called the “Four Tops”. Just days into the game, the celebrity houseguests are creating alliances left and right!

The Head of Household Competition- Knocking Down The Blocks

In the midst of an alliance storm, the second part of the Celebrity Big Brother HoH competition began! Jonathan Bennett and Ryan Lochte faced off—the winner would become HoH, and the loser would become the first nominee. Swinging from a zipline, they had to knock down multiple block towers in order to win.

While Jonathan got out to an early lead, Ryan demolished his towers shortly after. This means that Ryan Lochte is the first HoH of the summer, while Jonathan Bennett has become the first nominee.

Three Nominees! Tom Green, Jonathan Bennett and Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci

Following the competition, the CBB US host let the houseguests know that yet another twist was in store. As the new HoH, Ryan Lochte would still get to nominate two nominees, meaning that, along with Jonathan Bennett, there would be three nominees altogether. Most importantly, though, Ryan would only have 30 minutes to come to a decision.

Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett tried to discuss a nomination strategy, but the other houseguests kept interrupting their plans. In the meantime, Kato Kaelin, Anthony Scaramucci, and Tom Green decided to form an alliance. They labeled themselves as the “most controversial houseguests”. Will this Celebrity Big Brother alliance stick together?

After the alliance chaos, it was finally time for Ryan Lochte to announce his two nominees. Who would be joining Jonathan on the block? After Jonathan and Ryan finally got a chance to discuss some strategy, they came up with a game plan.

In the end, Tom Green and Anthony Scaramucci joined Jonathan Bennett on the block. Who will win the Power of Veto, and will anyone come off the block?

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother is tomorrow night, but stay tuned to Soap Dirt for even more spoilers and news!