‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Jonathan Bennett Marked For Eviction?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers hint towards Jonathan Bennett being CBB US 2′s first official evictee. The Mean Girls star might have made a mistake wearing pink on Monday instead of Wednesday as Regina George declared as law. More than half of the house is currently leaning on getting rid of him tonight. You can’t sit with us!

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Jonathan Bennett Going Home?

Jonathan Bennett is the unfortunate third nominee due to him losing a two-person HoH competition against Ryan Lochte. As punishment for coming second, he became a special third nominee on the chopping block. Jonathan seemed safe at the beginning with a strong six-person alliance, but several things have changed the game.

Anthony Scaramucci’s exit from Celebrity Big Brother caused Ryan to put up Kandi, derailing the original plan to get rid of the Mocch. Then, Kato Kaelin won the second PoV and saved fellow alliance member Tom Green, resulting in Joey Lawrence taking his place as a proposed pawn. Everyone seemed on board until Ryan and Jonathan Bennett kept information to themselves and did not share it with Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar.

Girls Set Their Sights On Jonathan Bennett

Lolo Jones, Natalie Eva Marie, and Tamar Braxton have had enough of their so-called CBB alliance members keeping things between the two of them. Instead of evicting Kandi Burruss, which is what Ryan Lochte wants, Eva and Lolo are now gunning for Jonathan. Tamar is still adamant about voting Kandi out due to the rising tension between them on Celebrity Big Brother.

Lolo and Eva have gotten Kato Kaelin and Tom Green on board with their plan. As of right now, there are enough numbers to ensure Jonathan is voted out of the CBB house.

Since Ryan is HoH, he cannot vote and neither can Kandi, Joey or Jonathan. Tom, Lolo, Kato, and Eva are voting Jonathan. Tamar might throw a vote Kandi’s way, Dina will probably vote Kandi and Ricky is the wildcard. He might vote with the group, but he might not, his number does not really matter at the moment. That leaves the vote 2-0-4 with Jonathan out the door.

Celebrity Big Brother: Where Does That Leave Ryan Lochte?

If Jonathan is evicted from the Big Brother house tonight, that leaves Ryan Lochte on the outs. His HoH will end and since he is not eligible to compete in the next one, he is essentially a sitting duck. One of the girls could win and throw him on the block. A better game move might be to try and backdoor him. That way he might not compete in the veto.

Ryan could potentially link up with Ricky Williams, who has yet to establish any sort of alliance. Along with Joey, who is anti-alliance and Dina, they could rival the only other big alliance in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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