‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Recap: Tom Green Wins Veto, Sends Ryan Lochte Packing – Season 2 Episode 6

This Celebrity Big Brother recap shows that Tom Green wins the Power of Veto, and gets Ryan Lochte backdoored. Last night featured nomination speeches which rocked the house. Tonight promised even more drama as a live Power of Veto competition played out, and an eviction took place. Who will be the second person evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Celebrity Big Brother Recap: Ryan Lochte Stays Low-Key While Tamar Blows Up

The Celebrity Big Brother episode started with the fallout from Head of Household Kato Kaelin’s nomination speeches. When he nominated “momager” Dina Lohan and singer/songwriter Tamar Braxton, he referenced his belief that Tamar wanted to go home to her son, and that Tamar wasn’t cleaning enough. Tamar perceived this as a personal attack against her. She blew up at Kato for his insensitivity.

After the argument, the girls’ alliance, consisting of Tamar, Lolo Jones, and Natalie Eva Marie, got together to discuss the day’s events. Lolo encouraged Tamar, saying that Tamar was an incredibly fierce competitor. Both Lolo and Natalie told Tamar to show Kato that she was here to play, and that she should fight hard to win the Power of Veto.

A Backdoor Plan Comes Together, And The Whole House Learns About It

The ladies didn’t realize, however, that Kato was not targeting Tamar. Instead, he wanted to backdoor Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte.  Kato and Tamar reconciled after the nomination speeches, and he struggled to keep the backdoor plan from her. Tamar had her suspicions, but ultimately learned nothing from the conversation.

To develop their backdoor plan, Kato and comedian Tom Green decided they needed to pull in more people. They approached Natalie Eva Marie and Lolo. The girls agreed to tentatively partner with the boys, which made Kato trust them more. Tom and Kato told Natalie and Lolo their plan to backdoor Ryan Lochte.

Sadly for them, while they were discussing their scheme, Ryan happened to hear their conversation in the backyard. Will Ryan Lochte and Lolo sever their “Olympic bonds”?

Ryan Lochte and child star Joey Lawrence confronted Kato about the overheard conversation. Then, Kato let both Ryan Lochte and Joey know that they could potentially be on the block if the Celebrity Big Brother Power of Veto was used. Both Joey and Ryan decided to try their hardest to win the Power of Veto so that they could keep the nominations the same.

The Houseguests Go Around The World In The Power of Veto Competition

After all the discussions about the backdoor plan, it was time to see if the plan could be used. The Power of Veto Comp was about to begin. In addition to nominees Dina and Tamar, and HoH Kato, Joey, Tom and Natalie would compete for the Celebrity Big Brother PoV. For the competition, the houseguests would roll a ball around a world-shaped map. The Celebrity Big Brother houseguest who landed their ball in the highest-numbered slot would win the Power of Veto. After going to a tiebreaker between Tom and Tamar, Tom Green won the Power of Veto!

After all the conversations between Tom Green and Kato, Tom’s Veto decision seemed clear. He announced his decision to save Dina from the nomination block. This left Kato with an easy choice: he nominated Ryan for eviction.

Ryan Lochte Is Eliminated From The CBB US House

Both Ryan and Tamar asked their fellow Celebrity Big Brother houseguests to save them. Then, the celebrities voted to evict. Joey voted to evict Tamar. Tom, Lolo, Dina, Natalie, Ricky, Kandi voted to evict Ryan. Because of this, by a vote of 6-1, Ryan Lochte became the second person evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After the Celebrity Big Brother eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves announced an exciting new twist. For the next several days, America will get to vote on the Power of the Publicist. This Power will allow one houseguest to remove themselves from the nomination block in the next two weeks. Who will win the Power of the Publicist? Who will become the new Head of Household?

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