Meghan Markle Scolds Prince Harry at Princess Eugenie’s Wedding: Is Royal Honeymoon Period Over?

Princess Eugenie‘s wedding watchers were privy to Meghan Markle clearly scolding Prince Harry. Blurry eyed royal watchers who woke up early to view the royal wedding. Body language experts even observe that Harry’s reaction is that of a “child.” What did the cameras catch and is the royal honeymoon really over?

Meghan Markle Seen Scolding Prince Harry Before Princess Eugenie’s Royal Wedding

Royal fans that got up early on Friday to watch Princess Eugenie’s wedding got more than a beautiful wedding ceremony. About a half hour before the commencement of the wedding, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived to St. George’s chapel at Windsor Castle along with Kate Middleton and Prince William to great applause. The two couples were quickly ushered through a side door. The royal foursome were immediately given prime seating.

While inside, the cameras were focused on the two couples. The cameras caught a rather telling moment when a very “fidgety” Harry appeared to be reprimanded by Duchess Meghan. The former Suits star was trying to speak to Harry’s cousin Zara Tindall. To viewers, she looked over at her squirming husband, gave him a fierce look, and made a hand gesture before returning to her conversation with Zara Tindall.

According to the Daily Mail body language behavior experts, the Duchess of Sussex gave her new husband a talking down. They observed that Harry appeared to look around the venue and lip readers claim he said “Everything’s different.”

Meghan Markle appeared to be a bit exasperated as they believed she “snapped” as she confirmed that things were indeed different inside of the venue. The conversation appears to be in regards to the different set up inside the church, comparing their royal wedding to Eugenie’s wedding. She and Jack invited more people. This meant the set up was certainly different. This was obvious to Meghan, but perhaps not to Harry.

Body Language Experts Interpret Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Actions

Body language expert Judi James pointed out that the prince appeared “to be anxious and fidgety” when they sat in their seats. They noted that he was “rocking about and fiddling with the tails of his jacket.” Meanwhile, Meghan was reportedly “politely sociable.” The expert pointed out that when the Duchess spoke to her husband, she appeared to have a “firmer” conversation and hand gestures.

James explained that after the exchange, “Harry rubs his face, chews his lips and leans into the side of his seat like a child that has just been told to sit still.” Does this demonstrate that Meghan Markle treats her husband like a child? She has reportedly been annoying Harry’s friends by spouting her personal politics. Or perhaps she is stressed from all of her family woes including her sister Samantha Markle publicly calling her a “DuchAss” and trying to gain access to Kensington Palace. Meghan’s royal life may look charmed, but it is not without stress.

In contrast, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William piled on the PDA. Even when they were speaking to others, the couple held hands as they waited for Eugenie’s wedding to commence. Duchess Catherine may have felt a great sense of relief at having her husband sitting next to her. At Harry and Meghan’s wedding, she sat next to her mother-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall. Kate gave Camilla the stink eye during Reverend Michael Curry’s long and impassioned address. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were adorable and clearly enjoyed being in each other’s company.

Big Stars At Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank Wedding

The Duchess of Sussex may have been on edge as Jack and Princess Eugenie had invited a lot of celebrity friends. Prince Andrew, Eugenie’s dad and Queen Elizabeth’s third, and reportedly favorite son, appeared to throw shade at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Duke of York made a dig when interviewed on ITV, the official wedding broadcaster. He insinuated that that his youngest child was more popular than his nephew, the sixth in line to the throne.

“There will be a few more guests here today than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had, but that is the nature of Jack and Eugenie, they have so many friends.”

Meghan Markle and Harry had invited celebrities including Elton John, the Beckhams and George Clooney to their wedding. Eugenie and Jack certainly hobnob with a lot of famous people as well. Supermodels Kate Moss, her daughter Lila Grace, Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell were all in attendance. Also invited were several actors including Demi Moore, Liv Tyler and Stephen Fry. Also in attendance were singers Ellie Goulding and Robbie Williams. Robbie reportedly got up on stage in the evening and crooned for the wedding crowd.

Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Heading To Australia

Perhaps Meghan Markle was a bit testy because of nerves. She is about to embark on her first major trip with Prince Harry to Australia. The couple plan on spending 15 days in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga. In the midst of this trip is the Sydney Invictus Game, a charity event that Prince Harry started.

This first major overseas trip will include over thirty events. A trip of this length requires a lot of style changes and attention from the press. This is incredibly stressful for any new royal. Obviously Duchess Meghan wants to do well in her first major trip. As she is experienced being in the public eye, the former actress knows that all eyes are always on the couple. During the upcoming trip, royal watchers will certainly be looking for more strife. It would be quite understandable if she gestured to Harry that he sit still because they are living in a royal fish bowl. As of now, no one knows for sure until they ask Meghan herself.

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