Meghan Markle Leaves Royal Family Lagging Behind With Their Idiosyncrasies

Meghan Markle has become an entity of her own when it comes to grabbing the world’s attention and the online stats seem to prove it. She is living the modern-day version of the Cinderella story. Meghan’s story comes complete with a half-sister who seems to mirror those spiteful stepsisters in the fairy tale. Samantha Markle has raised enough havoc for a slew of jealous stepsisters as she seemingly attempts to curdle Meghan’s fairytale.

Before Meghan Markle… There was Kate

Several years ago, Kate Middleton emerged as the most searched member of the Royal Family. That was the case from the day she stepped out of the shadows donning Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring.  Kate remained on top as the most-searched member of the Royal Family for a number of years. That is until Meghan Markle appeared on the Royal Family scene.

People can’t get enough of the Royal Family and all their idiosyncrasies. But if Meghan appears in the headlines all the other Royal Family news tends to take a backseat. The Google Trends graph below shows how Meghan Markle (red) gets a massive amount of attention over her Royal peers. Kate Middleton (blue) is also more popular in the search numbers than her husband Prince William (green) or her brother-in-law Prince Harry (yellow). Meghan Markle Google Trends Graph

The graph above demonstrates the last thirty days. But it has stayed basically the same since Meghan promised her hand in marriage to Prince Harry. Kate rose above Meghan in search numbers around the birth of her third child. With that said, it quickly became Meghan’s reign once again after the baby’s christening. Prince William, who will one day step into the role of the king, is last when it comes to popularity among the four, according to the search numbers.

Modern Day Cinderella

Back to the Cinderella story unfolding for Meghan, the characters have clearly emerged. Besides Samantha, Meghan’s father is making quite the name for himself. There’s no evil step-mother poking her nose into things in this story. With that said, Meghan’s father is quickly becoming a character taking on that interfering role. He has certainly mastered the art of making life rather difficult at times for Prince Harry and his wife.

With the world focused on Meghan, you might have missed a few interesting tidbits about the rest of the Royals in the news today. Other news stories offered up some odd protocols that are practiced by the Royal Family this week. But that news was buried under Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, sending demeaning word’s Meghan’s way via an interview.

Meghan Markle’s ‘Superior Attitude’

Thomas Markle told the world his daughter has taken on a superior attitude. Furthermore, her dear old dad insists that she has nothing to be superior about. He claims Meghan would be “nothing” without him. Those spiteful words have grabbed the world’s attention but the Royals made other news as well.

By now the world understands that Meghan and the Royal Family have their hands full with the Markle clan. It seems more than obvious that her father, half-sister, and now her nephew are out to gain fame with the Markle name. Her half-sister has joined the British version of Celebrity Big Brother and the nephew, Tyler Markle, has a new reality show in the works at MTV. You can read about all these trial and tribulations here from a previous Soap Dish article.

Buried Headlines

few interesting stories are hidden among the Thomas Markle and Samantha Markle news today, like the one from the Insider. Not surprisingly, this latest report on the idiosyncrasies of the Royals is reported around Meghan Markle needing to get used to them. Meghan’s name is a big draw in the news.

It seems there’s a protocol that all Royal Family members follow that leaves some of them struggling at night. Princess Diana reportedly did her best but struggled around this protocol. Sir William Heseltine, who is one of the Queen’s former private secretaries, reports that “it’s considered bad form to go to bed before Her Majesty.” Even at 92, the Queen tends to be a night owl and she doesn’t turn in until about midnight.

So much for Kate and Meghan’s beauty sleep! The Royal Family is not allowed to eat shellfish, which is a precautionary rule put in place for the Queen and her brood. This is just in case it brings on an allergic reaction. Autographs are definitely out, which is surely something Meghan has to get used to. As a former star of Suits, she must have signed an autograph or two in her day. This rule stems from the worry that someone will attempt a forgery.

Morbid Rule

Did you know there’s a rather morbid rule the Royal clan needs to follow? This rule stems back from the time before Queen Elizabeth became the Queen. When she was still Princess Elizabeth she was out of the country when her father died. The King of England’s death was a major event that rippled across the globe. The then Princess Elizabeth flew home to London immediately. But once she landed she was stuck in the plane.

At the time Elizabeth found herself stuck on the airplane because she had no suitable mourning clothes to wear when exiting the aircraft. A member of the Royal household staff delivered black mourning clothes to her. She changed on the plane before exiting the aircraft with a sea of mourners waiting patiently at the airport to get a glimpse of her.

Blowing in the Wind

Do you remember a while back when Kate Middleton visited Canada and made headline news on a windy day? She was caught in the wind and her dress whipped up exposing a little more of Kate than royal etiquette would like. The Queen never has this problem. Even in wind gusts, Queen Elizabeth’s skirts don’t fly and there is a reason for that.

With every new skirt or dress that is made for the Queen, curtain weights are sewn into the hems. It weighs down her skirt and keeps her safe in the wind. It was rumored that the Queen shared that secret with Kate after her embarrassing incident.

Meghan Markle Disparaging News

While Meghan Markle’s family has the news saturated with less than stellar comments about her, there have been little tidbits about the Royal Family emerging. While these tidbits are far from earth-shattering, they are still fun little facts to throw out over coffee or drinks.

Meghan Markle would probably love nothing better if her family would retreat from the headlines and reality shows. How nice it would be for her if she only had to worry about keeping her skirt weighted in the wind!