Meghan Markle Deployment – Fly Solo to Stifle Dad, No Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is traveling solo to the US with the task of mending the rift with her father who has recently escalated his Royal Family rants.  He is aiming these words at Meghan and the Royal Family in the public arena of the media. Meghan will attempt to put a stop to the frequent acting out of the Markle family by appealing to the patriarch.

Meghan Markle Flies Solo.

Three crisis meetings held at the palace attempted to find a solution to the Markle family’s antics. The meetings discussed the Markle family’s recent actions, which was held among Royal aids. It appears Meghan’s visit with her father was added to her scheduled solo trip to the US. She is slated to fly solo without Prince Harry to the US next month, according to The Sun.

While Meghan hasn’t seen her father in quite some time, that is about to change. Despite the trip dubbed “secret,” the news is out. However, the date and time of her meeting with her dad remain under lock and key.

Healing Rift with Thomas Markle

According to News Au., Meghan’s meeting with her father is an attempt to heal their rift. Thomas Markle has made it very clear he feels the Royal Family has cut him off from his daughter. Reports indicate that is not the case, it is Meghan who is fearful of calling her father. The elder Markle’s tendency to reveal their private conversations to reporters has made Meghan rather gunshy to speak to her dad.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, has also degraded Meghan in the media. With that said, she is denying that Meghan has a planned meeting with her father. It appears Samantha doesn’t miss a chance to appear in the media.

Thomas Markle has shown up on a number of TV and radio shows recently. As a result of these appearances, his agenda included bad-mouthing his daughter as well as members of the Royal Family. He has accused Meghan of having a superior attitude. Furthermore, he has also claimed how she would be nothing if it wasn’t for him. He told a reporter that he made Meghan who she is today.

Meghan Mortified Over Princess Diana’s Name Dragged Into Rant

Thomas Markle claimed Princess Diana would not like the way the Royal Family is treating him. With that said, this hurts Meghan immensely because she knows just how protective her husband is of his late mother, Princess Diana. It is reported that Prince Harry won’t accompany Meghan on this trip, she is meeting with her father one on one.

Royal Family handled Thomas Markle Wrong From Start?

Recently a few experts on the Royal Family suggested that the Royals handled Meghan’s family wrong from the get-go. They’ve gone as far as to put the blame on the Royal aids. These would be the people in charge of overseeing this regal family and its public relations.

These experts are authors who have written biographies on the Royal Family members. Furthermore, they claim Thomas Markle should have met Prince Harry before the wedding. The elder Markle has never met Harry face to face as of yet.

Apparently, there is hope that Meghan can appeal to her father to stop this embarrassing campaign condemning the Royal Family. Come back to Soap Dirt often for Royal Family news!  You don’t want to miss what the Royals are doing next.