Meghan Markle Baby Frenzy: Ambulance Driver Delivering Food Gets World’s Attention

Meghan Markle‘s baby watch left an unknown ambulance driver at the center of world’s attention when scooting by Frogmore Cottage. “Meghan Markle is in labor” was the cry of the online world. All this because an ambulance was near her home to deliver food to students in the area.

Meghan Markle Not in That Ambulance – Just Sandwiches

All eyes were on an empty ambulance that was captured in a picture and posted online. Well, it wasn’t completely empty, the word is it carried lunches to students in that neck of the woods.

One of the photos circulating on social media had a pregnant Meghan Markle transposed into the picture of the ambulance. This seemed to indicate that was her ride to the hospital. That is until reports emerged calling the all the scuttlebutt a false alarm.

Driver Training Vehicle Got the Attention

According to Telegraph associate editor Camilla Tominey, it’s confirmed that the ambulance was not Meghan Markle’s transport to the hospital. The rig belongs to South Central Ambulance Service and the ambulance is a vehicle they use for training.

Apparently, it doubles up to take students their lunches. Reports indicate at the time it became an interest to the world it carried food for the kids.

Meghan Markle Home Birth

According to reports, Meghan Markle is planning a home birth. So when an ambulance was spotted in the rural area folks took notice. Another report of a helicopter circling overhead also emerged.

That person driving the ambulance is unknown but whoever they are they now has a story to tell their grandchildren. That is if they even know they were the center of the media’s attention for a short time while doing their job.

Royal Due Date – Down to the Wire

Reports today indicate that Meghan Markle is due any time now. While there won’t be pictures of Meghan, Prince Harry, or their newborn right away, the world will be notified when her labor begins.

Buckingham Palace plans to release official word that Meghan Markle is in labor when this happens. In modern-day history, tradition has the royal parents step out into the public on the hospital steps with their newborn.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Skip Hospital Step Tradition

Kate Middleton and Prince William presented their newborns on the steps of the hospital. As did Princess Diana and Prince Charles before them. With Meghan Markle giving birth at home, the hospital steps won’t be an option. But other than that initial stepping out into the world to introduce the royal infant, everything else will be the same.

When Meghan goes into labor and when the baby is born will be announced just as it was for Kate and William.

Sometime later Meghan and Prince Harry plan to invite one journalist and one photographer into their home. Then the world gets to see the royal newborn pictures.  Harry and Meghan also plan to release the baby’s picture on their Instagram account.

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