‘Married at First Sight’: Luke Runs Dating Biz – Violates His Own Rules with Wife Kate Sisk?

Married at First Sight couple Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk have had an uphill marriage from the beginning. All season long, they’ve been the primary source of drama for the show. Luke owns and runs his own matchmaking service called Unplugged Dating. When Kate Sisk walked down the aisle, Luke Cuccurullo quickly realized that she’d accompanied a friend to one of his events. What’s the scoop on Luke’s dating business?

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo and Unplugged Dating

The Unplugged Dating mission statement claims that they want to remove technology and help people connect face to face. On Luke Cuccurullo’s website’s homepage, there are some not-so-subtle digs at other dating services. They put daters in a “relaxed” environment without name tags or buzzers. Real connection seems to be a point of emphasis, along with the lack of dating profiles. This seems to be an attempt to separate themselves from the competition.

The FAQ section says that participants use a scorecard. Daters write down the information of the people they meet and grade the interaction. Once the preferred list is down to a top five, people are notified within 24 hours of their matches and contact details are provided.

Interestingly, the rating system uses electricity puns. This isn’t surprising given that Luke Cuccurullo is an engineer. Some of the ratings include “Shockingly Good Match”, “There Is a Spark”, and “We Are Just Wired Differently”. Apparently, “Made Me Feel Dead Inside” isn’t on the list.

MAFS: Luke Going Against His Own Advice

Many Married at First Sight viewers see the irony in Luke Cuccurullo running a dating service. MAFS fans criticize him this season for his behavior toward Kate Sisk. He went behind her back and told producers she has a drinking problem. More recently, viewers found out the pair had sex a few times since their honeymoon but he made his wife Kate keep it a secret from the experts.

When it comes to Married at First Sight, it seems like Luke goes against his own mission statement with his actions this season. Also, MAFS viewers question why someone surrounded by singles all the time needs Married at First Sight experts to find a match.

Even by Unplugged Dating standards, Luke Cuccurullo seems to be the definition of exactly what to avoid. The website says if a guest harasses another, they will be removed from the event and not allowed to attend future events. Things have been awkward for Luke and Kate from the beginning. He made her uncomfortable and caused her to break down sobbing numerous times. It certainly seems like he is exactly the kind of guy he advises his daters to avoid.

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Married at First Sight a Bad Business Move for Luke?

It certainly seems like Luke Cuccurullo appearing on Married at First Sight was the worst publicity for his dating business. On the one hand, perhaps the television exposure was supposed to be a good thing. On the other hand, if his appearing on MAFS was supposed to bolster his business, it looks like its done the complete opposite.

Married at First Sight fans note the irony of Luke’s business choice. Comment sections are full of viewers calling him out for his treatment of wife Kate Sisk. One user wrote: “Luke Cuccurullo emotionally abused and gaslit his wife on national television. He is a smug narcissist who loves to play the victim. His face makes me feel repulsed and dead inside”.

Hopefully Lifetime will film one of Luke’s speed dating sessions so fans can judge for themselves.

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