‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Kate Sisk Reaching Her Breaking Point with Luke?

Married at First Sight spoilers show that Kate Sisk feels abandoned in her marriage to Luke Cuccurullo. Things seemed doomed from the start for this couple. Even so, throughout the entire journey so far, Kate has been a good sport about it. She definitely seems to be the more optimistic of the pair. It looks like the veneer is starting to crack for her and she’s seeing things as they really are.

MAFS: Kate Sisk Abandoned by Luke Cuccurullo?

In the latest Married at First Sight spoiler clip, Kate seems to be coming to terms with the fact that maybe Luke isn’t her key to finding her happily ever after. Up to this point in the show, Kate has rolled with the punches as best she can. Luke blindsided Kate with what he told producers about her. Dr Pepper Schwartz confronted Luke Cuccurullo in front of Kate Sisk regarding what he said of her “drinking problem.”

Luke Cuccurullo told producers about Kate Sisk’s behavior without ever bringing it up to her. Even though she was blindsided by this revelation, she was still committed to ironing out their issues. Interestingly, in last week’s episode, Kate felt like she and Luke had a breakthrough. MAFS spoilers suggest that the couple hit another rough patch in their relationship. Is it enough to pull them further apart?

Married at First Sight: Is Kate Sisk Finally Done?

In the MAFS teaser clip, Kate says: “It just feels like I’m in this marriage alone.” Aside from being blindsided by Luke, there have been intimacy issues on Luke’s end from the beginning. He needed convincing to share their marital bed, and there’s strong evidence to suggest that Kate isn’t Luke’s type at all. It certainly seems like there has been no progress on the romantic end of their relationship and it’s finally taking a toll on her.

Kate Sisk admits in the spoiler that she needs to see “some glimmer of hope”. In the same clip, Luke Cuccurullo tells her again that everything stems from the fact that she drinks too much. She fires back and tells him that he recently came home wasted one night. It certainly seems like she is finally realizing that there are bigger issues in their marriage than her drinking habits.

No Straight Answers Out of Luke Cuccurullo

Throughout this season of Married at First Sight, its been impossible to get a straight answer out of Luke. Even when Dr Pepper confronted him about what he told producers about Kate Sisk, he was dodgy and avoided giving her a straight answer. In the clip he seems to believe that the source of all of their marital woes is Kate’s drinking. She admits at the end of the clip that “I’m not sure where Luke and I go from here”. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens next. With the way things look now, it seems the only place left to go is down the path of divorce.

Catch the next episode of Married at First Sight Tuesday at 9:00 pm only on Lifetime.

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