Married at First Sight: Is Luke Cuccurullo Gaslighting Kate Sisk?

Married at First Sight couple Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk are one of the most talked about couples in this current season of the Lifetime show. Unfortunately, the gossip isn’t anything positive.

MAFS viewers have theorized that he’s not attracted to Kate because he’s gay. Other fans shared pics of Luke with exes that look nothing like Kate. But, instead of Luke coming clean to the experts about his true taste in romantic partners (whatever it is), it seems like he might be gaslighting Kate Sisk to make her seem at fault.

Married at First Sight: Dr. Pepper Schwartz Confronts Luke Cuccurullo

On the latest Married at First Sight, Dr. Pepper Schwartz visited Luke and Kate to bring up some alarming issues. It all stems from what Luke allegedly told MAFS producers. One of the first things he and Dr. Pepper talked about was that he felt pressured to kiss Kate Sisk. Further, Luke admitted he’s not attracted to her but he hasn’t had this problem in the past. This adds to the theory that Kate isn’t Luke’s type.

Luke Cuccurullo continued to talk about how he was basically forced to kiss her. He said he hoped an attraction would grow naturally over time but neither he nor Dr. Pepper seem convinced. Another issue that’s been discussed is whether or not Luke was completely honest with producers and the experts regarding his attraction. A recent Instagram post shows Luke with three different African-American women over the last three years. It certainly seems Kate isn’t Luke’s type.

MAFS: Luke Says Kate Sisk’s a Boozehound?

Also on the last MAFS, Luke Cuccurullo cited Kate’s drinking as another issue for him. He basically told Dr. Pepper that Kate boozes up and then gets handsy with him and this makes him uncomfortable. He went as far as to say she has a drinking problem.

In addition, it seems he brought up Kate Sisk’s “drinking problem” to Dr. Pepper without ever mentioning anything about it to his wife. She was completely taken aback by this revelation. Between this and not wanting to kiss his wife, is there something more concerning at play? It doesn’t entirely seem like he was completely honest with Dr. Pepper.

Married at First Sight: Luke Gaslighting Kate?

On the Married at First Sight episode, Luke got in trouble with Pastor Cal for his “dead inside” and “repulsed” remarks about kissing Kate. And based on this latest episode, some fans wonder if Luke Cuccurullo is gaslighting Kate Sisk. He seems to be going out of his way to blame her for their lack of connection when she’s been nothing but 100% committed to her husband. The drinking issue accusations floored his wife.

Adding a further twist to the MAFS plot, he was the one that provided Kate with much of the alcohol. Why gift someone two bottles of wine then complain when they had a few glasses of it? Then he told a story about a friend being killed by a drunk driver. So, he explained, he’s sensitive about alcohol. Okay, so why give your wife two (not one, but two) bottles of wine as a gift if alcohol is such a trigger?

In the first episode of MAFS, Luke Cuccurullo had drinks with the other bachelors. Then at his wedding he drank alcohol with Kate’s bridesmaids. In later episodes, he drank wine with Kate Sisk.

Also, in episode six of Married at First Sight, when Luke threw a housewarming party, there were lots of bottles of alcohol on the counter and all his guests drank. Luke is even heard asking a friend “Are we doing shots?”

Married at First Sight Fans Not Buying It

While Luke Cuccurullo may have had a friend killed by an intoxicated driver, his actions don’t align with what he claims are his beliefs on the subject. It seems like he is shading Kate Sisk behind her back to the experts and then trying to make her feel bad to her face. Perhaps he’s plotting to sabotage the marriage but wants Kate to think she’s to blame.

Fans of Married at First Sight have questioned this pairing from the very beginning. Social media is on fire with theories about Luke Cuccurullo being gay and why he’s not attracted to Kate Sisk. This is definitely something to keep an eye on as the season progresses. Do you think Luke is gaslighting Kate and should just come clean about what’s really going on with him?

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