‘Married at First Sight’: Dr Pepper Says Luke Is ‘Meanest Person She’s Ever Met’ to His Mom?

Married at First Sight expert Dr Pepper Schwartz hasn’t been a fan of Luke Cuccurullo this season. Pastor Calvin Roberson was the first to corner him about his “dead inside” and “repulsed” comments towards new wife Kate Sisk. Dr Pepper Schwartz confronted Luke about going behind Kate’s back and telling producers she had a drinking problem. A recent Instagram post suggests Dr Pepper’s dislike of Kate Sisk’s new husband goes even further back than that. Here’s some inside info on the Lifetime show.

Married at First Sight: Dr Pepper Schwartz Not a Fan of Kate Sisk’s Husband

MAFS relationship experts like Dr Pepper Schwartz are supposed to be unbiased in how they handle cast members. Even so, a recent post on Instagram suggests Dr Pepper’s dislike for Luke Cuccurullo goes way back.

If what the post claims is true, Schwartz confronted Luke Cuccurullo’s mother not long after his Married at First Sight wedding to Kate Sisk. She allegedly told Luke’s mom that he is “the meanest person she’s ever met”. If true, this certainly puts their interactions in a different light. When Dr Pepper confronted Luke about going behind Kate’s back to production, the MAFS expert didn’t look amused.

Married at First Sight: Dr Pepper Schwartz Instagram

MAFS: More Hints Dropped on Unfiltered?

A few weeks back on Married at First Sight Unfiltered, Dr Pepper offered a glimpse at her true feelings about Luke Cuccurullo. On the after show, the doctor tore into him and didn’t hold back. She called him manipulative and said his behavior is a violation of marriage. In the MAFS Unfiltered episode, they dug deeper into the clip of Dr Pepper confronting Luke about what he told producers about Kate Sisk.

Dr Pepper also said that Luke Cuccurullo’s hot and cold treatment of his wife was destructive. If Dr Pepper’s opinion of Luke started off on the wrong foot, things got worse over the course of the Married at First Sight season.

Kate Sisk turned to Dr Pepper often. She dropped the bombshell about being intimate a handful of times since their honeymoon. Kate revealed further that her husband wanted her to keep quiet about it. Luke Cuccurullo certainly didn’t win the experts over with behavior like this – least of all Dr Pepper.

The Luke Cuccurullo Effect

A popular topic among Married at First Sight fans this season is how someone like Luke Cuccurullo wound up on the show. A recent tipster suggested that he wasn’t Kate Sisk’s first match. If the claims are true, Kate’s original match dropped out and Luke was a last-minute substitute.

Many Married at First Sight watchers believe Luke had no business being on the show after the way he treated Kate. There’s also a coming confrontation on the reunion show where Kate accuses him of being gay. If true, that’d be one significant reason he should not have been cast. Be sure to tune in for the explosive MAFS reunion special Tuesday at 9 pm only on Lifetime.

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