‘Married at First Sight’: Kate Sisk Parties – Celebrates Dumping Luke Cuccurullo?

Married at First Sight‘s Kate Sisk has been through the wringer thanks to Luke Cuccurullo. She started out bubbly and optimistic when their marriage began. Over the course of the season on Lifetime, MAFS fans saw her deteriorate. Many felt Luke was gaslighting her. Fans were relieved when Kate Sisk said “no thanks” to her marriage to Luke Cuccurullo. They decided to divorce on Decision Day. Now that Kate is free to mingle as a single, she’s wasting no time celebrating being free of him.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk Parties – Happy to Be Done With Luke?

After an instant marriage and disastrous weeks following, it seems Kate Sisk is enjoying being single. If the latest chatter is true, she isn’t the only one partying it up post-divorce. A source shared on social media that they saw Kate Sisk and fellow MAFS divorcee Jasmine McGriff hitting the town.

All the couples on this season are based in Philadelphia. They remained close throughout filming. In particular, Jasmine McGriff and Kate Sisk hit it off. Much of what brought them together was their mutual struggle with their husbands – Will Guess and Luke Cuccurullo. It certainly looks like the bond they formed while filming carried over even after the Married at First Sight cameras went away.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk Instagram

MAFS: Kate Sisk Moving On Already?

The Married at First Sight source claims that in addition to looking happy, Kate and Jasmine spent the night dancing with other guys. As of now, it doesn’t look like there’s anyone new in the picture just yet. It seems both newly-single women are enjoying their freedom and happy to be out of their marriages. Luke Cuccurullo’s former wife certainly wins the sympathy vote among MAFS viewers. The comments overflow with those happy for her being done with a husband unworthy of her.

Married at First Sight fans watched Kate Sisk deal with a lot this season. Along with emotional abuse and gaslighting allegations, Luke Cuccurullo constantly found ways to turn things back around on her. Even the experts didn’t seem to like anything that guy said or did in his marriage. Whether or not Luke and Kate stayed together was kept under wraps until the Decision Day reveal. Now that Kate Sisk is free of her former husband, fans hope she’s got better things coming her way after that trainwreck marriage.

Kate Sisk Launches New Company – Puts Luke Behind Her

It certainly seems like Kate Sisk is on the rebound in more ways than once since filming on Married at First Sight wrapped. She recently launched a women’s sleepwear and lingerie company called Hidden Intimates. On the business end of things, everything seems to be going smoothly for Kate Sisk and business partner Flo Mcilwaine.

Married at First Sight watchers will have to wait for more on her landing a new man. For now, she seems to be focusing on her new business, letting loose, and enjoying her freedom – without Luke Cuccurullo in the picture. Catch the MAFS reunion show Tuesday at 9 pm only on Lifetime to see Luke cornered about whether he’s gay and involved with a man as Kate Sisk claps back at last.

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