‘Married at First Sight’: Kate Confronts Luke About Being Gay – Did He Join Show for Publicity?

Married at First Sight former couple Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk officially decided to end their marriage. But, for many MAFS fans, that wasn’t the juiciest part of Tuesday’s episode. That came with a look at the upcoming reunion show. Married at First Sight spoilers show Kate Sisk confronting Luke and alleging that he’s gay.

Married at First Sight: Gay Accusations from Kate Sisk Aimed at Luke Cuccurullo

MAFS spoilers reveal Kate Sisk confronting soon-to-be ex-husband Luke Cuccurullo and accusing him of being gay. That’s been a consistently discussed topic among viewers for weeks now. Social media chatter ran rampant among fans since the cliffhanger at the end of the Decision Day episode. Some are stunned while others are not surprised at all.

In the Married at First Sight spoilers clip, Kate tells Luke that his Facebook page still says he’s in a relationship with a man. What comes up in Facebook search results may be the answer. There’s a “Luke Cuccurullo” that comes up. However, the profile picture is of a different man.

Things get more interesting when you scroll down. There’s a picture of what appears to be the real Luke Cuccurullo without a beard. In addition, he pours himself a drink in the photo and seems to be partying. Is the man in the profile picture who he’s in a relationship with? This could be what Kate Sisk refers to in the teaser.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo Facebook

MAFS: Did Luke Cuccurullo Join the Show With Honest Intentions?

Married at First Sight viewers can easily search out Luke’s speed dating business – called Unplugged Dating. There’s naturally a boost in business exposure that comes with being on a TV show. So it could be that Luke Cuccurullo thought being on a reality show about relationships might be good PR for his business.

If he was chasing free advertising, it might explain why Luke’s mother was against this and seemed to warn Kate Sisk that their marriage wouldn’t last. Weeks ago when the pair went to visit Luke Cuccurullo’s hometown, his mother told the cameras she wasn’t pleased when he told her he would be on the show.

She said plainly that she thought the entire premise of Married at First Sight was a “mockery of marriage”. But is it because she knows her son was going on the program to promote his business — or because she knows he’s not into women and worried this would backfire on him?

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo

Social Media Posts May Have Answers

A post on Reddit suggests that Married at First Sight watchers that think Luke Cuccurullo is gay may be on to something. One Redditor alleges that a friend that works for MAFS production recently dished more details. According to the post, Luke Cuccurullo has a second Facebook profile listing him in a relationship with a man.

This is the profile that Kate Sisk supposedly found and references in the teaser clip. If true, when Kate Sisk confronted producers about matching her with a gay man, they said they didn’t know about the second Facebook profile. The post suggests that at one point during the reunion taping, Luke stormed off in frustration but left his microphone on accidentally.

Luke Cuccurullo Allegedly Breaks Down Backstage

The same source claimed that Luke’s hot mic caught him sobbing on the phone in the bathroom, and he said: “They know I’m gay”. The post also suggests that Kate was originally matched with someone else, but that guy withdrew at the last minute. Luke Cuccurullo and wife Kate Sisk are the most talked about couple this season on Married at First Sight.

That chatter intensified following the reunion clip cliffhanger and all the speculation that followed. So far, the official MAFS social media accounts are staying mum on Luke Cuccurullo’s personal preferences. Hopefully, viewers find out more leading up to and following the reunion special. Catch the reunion special Tuesday at 9 pm on Lifetime.

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