Married at First Sight: Poor Kate – Luke’s Mom Foreshadows Dumping?

Married at First Sight showed things are not going well for Kate Sisk. She met Luke Cuccurullo‘s family last week. The trip to Luke’s hometown quickly turned sour. Kate sat down with Luke’s mom with the hope of getting reassurance. Instead, she got the complete opposite. Did Luke’s mom foreshadow him dumping Kate – or is she a gaslighter like her son?

Married at First Sight: Mom of Luke Cuccurullo Is No Fan of MAFS

In one of her asides last week, Luke’s mom revealed what she really thought of the whole Married at First Sight process. She said when Luke told her he was going to be on the show, she felt that the entire premise is a “mockery of marriage”. This revelation was the precursor to her sit-down with Kate Sisk. It seems that that attitude about the show certainly bled into the face-to-face interaction viewers saw.

Almost immediately, their exchange went downhill. She asked Kate about best and worse case scenarios, almost as though she was preparing her for the end. This rubbed Kate the wrong way from the start. Kate Sisk said: “I’m so committed to this marriage. I want it to work more than anything. I feel like his mom was kind of like, just checking in, like, how I would feel after this ends”. Maybe Luke Cuccurullo told his mom he’s planning to ditch his wife…

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo and His Mom – Similar Attitudes About Kate

One thing apparent from their interactions is that Luke Cuccurullo didn’t fall very far from the family tree. His mom’s attitude toward Kate Sisk and their marriage as a whole was very pessimistic although she took a polite tone. It certainly seems like his mom foreshadowed the end.

Both Luke and his mom seem to be putting all the pressure on Kate’s shoulders, and she seems to slowly be getting crushed under all that weight. On Married at First Sight, Kate Sisk said: “Nobody thinks this is going to work out, why are we even talking about this anymore? There’s really nothing else that I can do”.

Luke Cuccurullo Still Gaslighting His Wife?

The most recent Married at First Sight spoilers clip shows Luke Cuccurullo still blaming all their problems on Kate’s supposed drinking issues. The success or failure of their marriage seems to rest squarely with Kate Sisk, and it looks like she’s starting to realize that this kind of one-sided exchange can’t work long term.

What’s interesting is that their recent trip to Luke Cuccurullo’s hometown was meant to strengthen their bond and help them through a difficult time. On the surface, it seems all the trip did was pull them even further apart. Fans saw the lackluster side hug he gave her at the ice cream shop when she was trying to get some affection from him.

Is Kate Sisk Over Luke Cuccurullo?

If what went on in the last few episodes wasn’t bad enough, the trend continued in a recent Married at First Sight Unfiltered episode. Kate and Dr Pepper were guests. When they dug into the clip of Dr Pepper confronting Luke about his remarks on her drinking, Kate Sisk shook her head and looked absolutely livid. His wife said she felt slapped in the face, adding that she’d never do that to someone.

In addition, they talked about Luke’s evasiveness. They agree you can’t get a straight answer from him and he dodges serious questions – even when confronted directly. Kate said in terms of trusting Luke Cuccurullo, she feels like they’re back to day one. Dr Pepper said his behavior is a violation of marriage and his hot and cold treatment of Kate is destructive. This definitely seems to add weight to the Luke gaslighting theory.

All in all, it looks like Kate Sisk is on the verge of finally being done with Luke. So, it’ll be interesting to see if and when they finally call it quits. In the meantime, it certainly looks like the writing is on the wall. Catch a new episode of MAFS Tuesdays at 9 pm only on Lifetime.

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