‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Kate Ready To Divorce Luke – Fans Thrilled

Married at First Sight spoilers show it’s another train-wreck episode for Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk. Things have been going downhill fast for the pair for a few weeks now. It’s almost Decision Day. They will decide to stay married or part ways.

MAFS spoilers reveal Kate is definitely considering divorce (and fans can’t blame her – nor can the experts). Will viewers see their marriage crash and burn following their one-month anniversary fiasco on the Lifetime show this week?

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk Breaks Down – Abandoned on Anniversary

Married at First Sight spoilers tell us Kate Sisk finds it difficult to justify Luke’s ongoing bad behavior. Especially after he ditched her on their one-month anniversary. Last week, Kate felt bad when she realized how close the other couples were. It only drove home the fact that she and Luke Cuccurullo are not where they need to be in their marriage.

Kate Sisk admits in the teaser clip that she has feelings for Luke and is attached to him. Then, she breaks down in the MAFS spoiler video. She woke hoping that they’d do something nice together for their anniversary. A stream of tears and sobs stop her mid-sentence. It certainly seems like she’s finally realizing that the fairy tale ending she hoped for may not be with Luke Cuccurullo after all.

MAFS: Has Kate Reached the End of Her Rope with Luke Cuccurullo?

Kate admits in one MAFS spoiler clip that she hit a breaking point. She says that she has feelings for him but says that may have been due to “manipulation and not reality”. Whether or not Luke is gaslighting Kate has been a popular topic among Married at First Sight viewers for weeks. It seems even Kate finally comes to the conclusion that Luke manipulates her and is playing with her feelings.

Further, Kate Sisk admits she doesn’t see how their situation can get any better. She even goes on to say that divorce may be an option. However, Luke Cuccurullo says in the same clip that he’s not ready to give up on their marriage. From a viewer perspective, it certainly looks like she is the only one really in the marriage. Plus, Luke lied to the experts about her numerous times. In addition, when Luke is confronted by the experts, he finds a way to wiggle away while not resolving anything.

Married at First Sight – Most MAFS Fans Are Team Kate

The overwhelming majority of Married at First Sight fans are Team Kate. For many, it’s agonizing to watch the way Luke treats her with each new episode. One viewer wrote on Twitter: “I feel abused having to watch this every week. Kate needs to be in therapy”. Others are calling for her family and friends to stage an intervention.

At this point in the season on Lifetime, it’s unclear exactly how things pan out between this couple. But, it may only be a matter of time before she throws in the towel. Either way, the vast majority of MAFS fans have her back and would be thrilled if Kate Sisk curb-kicked Luke Cuccurullo without waiting for Decision Day to roll around.

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