‘Married at First Sight’: Is Luke Really Dead Inside? That’s Why He Needed MAFS?

Married at First Sight viewers see the effect Luke Cuccurullo has on wife Kate Sisk. MAFS watchers are up in arms over the way things continue to deteriorate week after week. The majority of the blame seems to rest with Luke. In addition, many also blame the experts for allowing their relationship to go on without stepping in and helping Kate. Luke admitted that without the show, he couldn’t find a girlfriend – let alone a wife. Is Luke really dead inside?

MAFS: Is Luke Cuccurullo Really Dead Inside?

Weeks ago on Married at First Sight, Luke Cuccurullo admitted that kissing his bride Kate Sisk made him feel dead inside. It seems Luke has bigger issues than not being attracted to his life partner. Kate admitted in a recent MAFS spoiler clip that she feels manipulated by Luke. There were intimacy issues from the beginning of this union.

Could Luke Cuccurullo being “dead inside” have nothing to do with Kate?

Perhaps Luke Cuccurullo’s issues go well beyond not being attracted to Kate Sisk. It’s possible that he’s incapable of giving or receiving affection at all. With all the gaslighting discussions circulating, some Married at First Sight followers suspect Luke suffers from psychological problems and that he’s a flat-out abuser.

One user on Reddit made a thread on narcissistic abuse, citing Luke Cuccurullo as a prime example. The user wrote that the one good thing to come from Luke and Kate’s relationship is his “Awareness about Narcissistic Abuse”. The user continues that Kate went from being a “cute and bubbly” person to then “blaming herself and wondering how she can make him happy”.

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Dr Pepper Schwartz recently said on an episode of MAFS Unfiltered that Luke’s behavior is a violation of marriage and that his hot and cold treatment of Kate is destructive. Maybe he’s incapable of love and Kate Sisk is merely the latest unfortunate victim.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk Launching Intimate Line

Meanwhile, Kate Sisk is getting ready to launch an intimate line called Hidden Intimates. Considering the lack of intimacy that defines Kate and Luke’s marriage, there’s a touch of irony to the fact that Kate is launching her own intimate collection for women. At the moment, there isn’t much known about the collection or what types of pieces will be available. The only thing known at present is that a launch is coming soon.

Is Kate Sisk planning the launch of her intimate collection around Married at First Sight Season 8? It’s possible that she’s waiting for the current season to wrap before launch.

Kate’s professional background is in apparel and fashion, so her new business is right in her wheelhouse of skills. She may be timing the launch for after the season airs as a way to put it all behind her. It certainly seems like she had a lot of time to work on her collection while sitting at home alone.

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Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk

Where Things Stand with Luke and Kate

It looks like Luke Cuccurullo is busy with his podcast series Cuccurullo Conversations. He also appeared on a recent airing of MAFS Unfiltered. As for Kate Sisk, recent MAFS spoilers show that she’s considering divorce. But, there’s no word yet on whether or not she went through with it. In the meantime, viewers will have to wait on updates from her line to see how the launch is progressing.

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