‘Married at First Sight’: Surprising Reason Luke Was Repulsed By Kate Sisk

Married at First Sight couple Luke Cuccurullo is not attracted to Kate Sisk and there’s a big reason why. What’s not clear is whether he told the experts what he was looking for in a wife – or if he wasn’t clear about his expectations and what he finds attractive. These two are are a hot topic among viewers.

The talk surrounding the Married at First Sight couple is mostly negative about Luke’s cruel remarks. Right from the start, fans commented on the fact that he isn’t into Kate. However, she said Luke has all the things she looks for. As for Luke, it appears he has a type – and Kate isn’t it. Here’s what we dug up.

Married at First Sight: No Attraction for Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk

It was apparent early on that the chemistry just wasn’t there for these two – not on his side anyway. Other MAFS couples got touchy-feely right away. Another couple even had sex during their Costa Rica honeymoon. Meanwhile, Luke didn’t even kiss Kate Sisk. It doesn’t take a marriage expert to realize that something was definitely wrong with this pairing.

Then when Luke Cuccurullo finally did kiss Kate, he said he felt dead inside. On their first night together, Kate had to convince her Married at First Sight husband to share the bed. All the other couples had no problem sleeping side by side even if it was just to cuddle. As for Luke, he said he preferred the couch and tried to literally keep her at arm’s length.

Did Married at First Sight Experts Get it Wrong – Or Was Luke Dishonest?

The mission statement for MAFS is that love hopefuls rely on the experts to pair them with their husbands or wives. The show markets itself as a modern take on arranged marriages. There are definitely some success stories. That said, it doesn’t mean that the experts always get it right. But what does help them make good matches is when the potentials are totally transparent.

In fact, prior to Season eight of Married at First Sight, only five of the 21 couples featured in the series are still together. That’s not exactly a winning percentage. One of the things that has viewers up in arms is the fact that it looks like the experts dropped the ball with Luke Cuccurullo and new wife Kate Sisk. But maybe they didn’t. Could it be that he wasn’t clear about what he wants in a woman?


MAFS: Luke Cuccurullo Usually Dates African-American Women

If you look at the Instagram post above, you’ll see that Luke seems to have a type. Over the last three years, Luke’s social media shows he dated at least three African-American women. Of course, Kate Sisk does not look anything like the women he’s been dating. So did Luke not tell the experts what his type was? And if not, why?

The Married at First Sight experts don’t always get it right, but they also need accurate information to make a solid match. Some viewers shared on social media that they thought Luke wasn’t into Kate Sisk because he’s gay. They think that’s why he appears to be so repulsed by Kate on the show. But it just seems like he’s not physically attracted to her because he likes African-American women. So did he tell the experts and they ignored his preference?

Where Are Kate Sisk and Luke Cuccurullo Now?

As of right now, Luke and Kate haven’t announced that they’re getting a divorce. This could be a strategic move. Perhaps they’re holding off on an announcement until after their Married at First Sight season airs. Whether or not Kate and Luke are a good match, one of their major problems is a lack of chemistry.

Perhaps they’ve worked on that. It’s also possible that they’ve grown further apart since their time filming MAFS. Either way, this couple is definitely going to continue to be a hot topic among Lifetime viewers. Will Luke Cuccurullo finally admit that Kate Sisk is not his type rather than trying to force an attraction that doesn’t seem to be there?

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