‘Married at First Sight’: Kate Sisk Writes Song About ‘Silly Boy’ Luke – Did She Pull a Taylor Swift?

Married at First Sight‘s Kate Sisk had a rough go with Luke Cuccurullo on the eighth season of the Lifetime show and she has a new song to show for it. She has kept busy with her women’s line Hidden Intimates. And now, it looks like she’s turned to song to deal with the pain and trauma of the experience with her former husband. Kate Sisk released her first original song and MAFS fans are eating up the Luke Cuccurullo references. Did she Taylor Swift him?

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk Releases Original Song About Luke Cuccurullo

It looks like Kate Sisk is turning to music to deal with what she went through with Luke Cuccurullo on Married at First Sight. Waiting is a Country-inspired ballad of love and loss. The acoustic rendition provides a raw sonic experience for the listener. Kate Sisk sings: “I keep waiting for you”. There was a point during Married at First Sight Season 8 when she thought she’d found what she was looking for with Luke. That wasn’t the case.

Kate Sisk has lyrics throughout the song referencing her time with Luke Cuccurullo. She questions what she saw in the speed-dating company owner. In addition, she questions a number of things that led to the demise of their marriage. Kate Sisk asks if she was a distraction on Married at First Sight. She wonders whether the timing was to blame, or whether it was “just me” in the end.

MAFS: Kate Sisk Moved On from Luke

It seems Kate Sisk has moved on from her Married at First Sight journey since her time on the Lifetime show. She launched her own women’s line with her business partner called Hidden Intimates. In addition, following the Decision Day reveal, she was spotted partying with fellow MAFS cast member Jasmine McGriff. Both women got a raw deal on their season. They responded with a night on the town in Philadelphia. Added to that, they were seen dancing with other men.

Kate Sisk certainly has a lot going for her since her time on television. Due to the way Luke Cuccurullo treated her on camera, she garnered a lot of support from Married at First Sight viewers. Many MAFS watchers were eager to purchase items from Hidden Intimates even before the company officially launched. Certainly, with this new original song, Kate Sisk is going to have a built-in MAFS fan base to pull listeners from.

What’s Next for Kate?

While Kate Sisk has moved on from Luke, it’s clear that she’s still dealing with what she suffered. The gaslighting and abuse claims were rampant when their Married at First Sight season aired. There was even speculation that Luke Cuccurullo is gay.

The song ends with: “Don’t cry too often over silly boys. Oh, but this one, I didn’t have a choice”. Those tears were obvious to MAFS viewers. Kate broke down sobbing a number of times throughout the season. On the other hand, maybe this is exactly the kind of thing she needs to channel those emotions and move on for good.

In her own words, Kate Sisk describes the song in the video description on YouTube as what happens when dealing with a “fresh break-up”. It’s about knowing in your head that things are over even if your heart isn’t there yet.

Waiting is about processing all that while still hoping “the person will return”. While Kate may wonder about choices she made with Luke, there’s no question in fans’ minds that she made the right decision.

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