‘Married at First Sight’: Kate Sisk Launching Lingerie Business – Official Release Date Announced

Married at First Sight fans are rooting for Kate Sisk. There’s resounding sympathy across various social media platforms for Luke Cuccurullo‘s wife. When MAFS fans aren’t blaming Luke or the experts, they want to know what’s next for Kate. Whether or not she divorces Luke is still up in the air. But, fans do know that Kate Sisk has a women’s lingerie line coming down the pipeline. Her product line Hidden Intimates has an official release date. What’s the latest?

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk’s New Business

Kate Sisk is joined by business partner Flo Mcilwaine in this endeavor. They also recently added blogger Megan Bickings. Along with that, things are moving right along on their company Instagram page as well. There’s even a picture of a model wearing one of their pieces.

Another interesting thing of note is the location of one of the IG snaps. The picture taken for the company’s most recent update has New York listed as the location. Could this hint that Kate Sisk moved away from Luke since Married at First Sight in order to prep and launch her business? In the photo with her business partner, Kate is beaming. This isn’t a look fans are used to seeing on Kate’s face – not since her wedding day.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk - Hidden Intimates Instagram

MAFS: First Blog Post and More

Along with the unveiling of a few of their pieces, the company also announced their first blog post. It’s an in-depth piece on the “why” behind Hidden Intimates. It introduces Kate Sisk and her business partner, as well as some of the behind the scenes things going on leading up to launch. The post notes that the pieces are “coming together” after countless hours of prep and market research.

It seems they managed to do all this and more while holding down full-time jobs as well. The mission statement of Hidden Intimates is to help customers find the pieces that make them feel “beautiful and confident” in their skin. As an added bonus, March 20 is listed at the bottom as the official launch date. The post encourages readers to mark their calendars.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk - Hidden Intimates Instagram

Overwhelming Support from Married at First Sight Viewers

There’s already an outpouring of support from Married at First Sight followers. The vast majority of them are happy to see Kate Sisk doing her own thing and wish her nothing but the best. In addition, many commenters on IG are already counting down the days until they can place their orders. One commenter wrote: “Can’t wait to see all of the beautiful designs you have. Get it girl, much love from the Bay Area”.

In another post featuring a variety of pieces in an assortment of colors, the company asked IG users what color they like most. Comments suggest that many aren’t going to limit themselves to just one color. Comments like “Can I pick them all?!” and “Love them all!” pop up frequently. MAFS fans should be on the lookout for more updates as launch day draws near.

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