‘Married at First Sight’: 9 Lies Luke Cuccurullo Told – Kate Sisk Calls Him Out

Last night’s Married at First Sight was the finale and Kate Sisk called out Luke Cuccurullo on his behavior. Lifetime show fans felt like it was long overdue for her to call him out. Kate and Luke were crammed on an absurdly tiny couch. Then, host Kevin Frazier relentless grilled the husband accused of gaslighting his wife all season long.

Kate said: “You were always changing your words”. She also made clear that Luke would “mess with my mind the entire marriage and it drove me crazy and it wasn’t fair”. Then when Luke Cuccurullo kept parsing words an trying to flip the script, she got direct. Kate Sisk said: “you need to think about how you treated me and stop putting it back on me”. Here’s a look at nine lies Kate Sisk named and shamed on the reunion.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk Tells Luke Cuccurullo “Stop Lying”

Once again, MAFS fans watched as Luke Cuccurullo tried to sell his distorted version of events. But this time, Kate Sisk shut him down. Here’s quick rundown of the fibs that Kate called him on as she repeatedly told him to “stop lying”.

1 – Honeymoon Intimacy

Luke Cuccrullo said she “came at him hard” on the wedding night saying she couldn’t “sleep when she’s horny”. Kate Sisk stopped that. She said they discussed having sex, he got a condom, they mutually agreed to sleep together, then Luke started saying he was “repulsed” and “dead inside”.

2 – Luke Gay or Not?

Kate Sisk said on their wedding night, after Luke reacted strangely after sex, he asked: “Do you think I’m a homosexual?” Then he said Kate whipped out a list of “40 reasons I’m gay”. His Married at First Sight bride stopped him and said “he’s lying” then says he was the one who brought up the gay angle.

Married at First Sght: Luke Cuccurullo

Gay Accusations and Intimacy Insults

3 – Facebook Status – Relationship With a Man

Kate Sisk then spilled that Luke Cuccurullo’s Facebook page says he’s interested in both men and women. She added: “to this day, it says you’re in a relationship with a man”. Then Kevin asked if his FB still says he’s into men. Luke says he changed it because Kate asked him to. She said he was lying again and that “I didn’t ask you to change it”. Then, he backtracked and said, “You brought it up”.

4 – Actively Dating Men?

Married at First Sight reunion host Kevin asked him if he’d ever dated a man before. Luke Cuccurullo said no. Kate Sisk said, “I don’t believe it”. Then she and the host both said it seems “it’s almost mocking” all of Luke’s gay friends to have his FB set that way if he’s not gay. Luke said, “I didn’t even know it was a thing”. Then he said it’s been set that way for 13 years! So, since he started on Facebook, his profile said he was gay…

Married at First Sight: Love, Lust and Other Lies

5 – Initiating Intimacy

Luke Cuccurullo told Kevin Frazier that he was “mad at myself” for having sex with Kate Sisk. Later, he said he did it to make her happy because she “would get all wound up”. Kate said that was another fib and that he initiated sex. He said just once and she said “more than once” and it was “like 60/40”.

6 – Fibbing About Feelings

Luke said: “I had feelings for you about a month in” and she pulled a face then said “What?”. At the start of their segment on the Married at First Sight reunion, they played the scene of Kate crying at their one-month anniversary when he ditched her for the day to hang out with “the boys”. That’s the time mark where Luke Cuccurullo says he cared about her. Kate Sisk clapped back: “I don’t believe anything that you say”.

MAFS Reunion: Kate’s “Drinking” Revisited

7 – Together After Decision Day

Later, Kevin asked Luke Cuccurullo asked if they had contact after Married at First Sight Decision Day. He said Kate stopped by and made it sound like they’re chill. But she said he texted to invite her over. Then he said: “I put her to bed”. Kate Sisk laughed and admitted she was drinking. It was Halloween night, the day after Decision Day. They are assuredly not pals according to his ex-wife.

8 – Kate’s “Drinking Problem”

One thing that came up on the MAFS reunion and the Decision Day show was him going behind her back to tell the experts and producers she had a drinking problem. Dr Pepper called Luke out on the lie then and Kate Sisk and Kevin Frazier hit him on that on the reunion. He admits he was wrong and said he now knows Kate was “using it to cope” because he was treating her unfairly.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo Dishonest from the Get-Go?

9 – Fibbing From the Start?

When all the Married at First Sight couples were together on the couch in the final segment, host Kevin asked Kate if she thinks Luke Cuccurullo did the show “to be on TV” rather than to find love. They did the tense music thing and commercial break. They came back and Kate Sisk said “Yes, I do” and Luke said nothing. If he was hoping it would boost his speed dating business, he might find the strategy backfired.

Other MAFS husband AJ Vollmoeller said Luke “was playing a game of mental warfare” with Kate. In the end, Luke finally choked out an apology saying he was “embarrassed” by his behavior and “the way I treated you”.  At least Kate admitted this gave her some closure. But there might also have been one last lie.

When the Married at First Sight cast members talked about social and IRL interactions with fans, Luke Cuccurullo said everyone is nice to him in person. In fact, he described it as “over the top nice”. Given the outrage on social channels about his treatment of Kate, this seems like it could be just another lie in a string of fibs all season long on the Lifetime show.

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