‘Married at First Sight’: Kate Sisk’s Amazing New Look – See Pics with Drastic Change

Married at First Sight cast member Kate Sisk (Luke Cuccurullo’s ex-wife) recently debuted a drastic new look. And, it’s a major change from her time on MAFS filming with Luke Cuccurullo. She won a lot of viewers over after her disastrous marriage to her Lifetime husband. And, she really turned things around since then. See what she looks like now.

Married at First Sight Update: Kate Sisk Rocks Brand New Look

Kate Sisk does quarantine in style with a new do. The Married at First Sight spouse showed off her darker, brunette locks in recent updates. And, it’s a major difference from the blonde viewers remember her with. Since filming the Lifetime matchmaking show, Kate made some major life changes. And, it looks like she wants her look to reflect that, too.

At first glance, Married at First Sight followers may not recognize Kate Sisk. But, her change in appearance is certainly well-received. They rooted for her during her traumatic marriage to Luke Cuccurullo. And, many MAFS fans are glad she does well since their Decision Day split.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk

Married at First Sight: Kate Drops Weight & More

Kate Sisk does more than make changes to her hair, too. Since filming her season of Married at First Sight, fans are saying she dropped weight as well as Luke. She does appear to sport a slimmer figure in recent snaps. She recently showed off her look wearing new pieces from her women’s line, Hidden Intimates. And, the change is definitely noticeable.

Still, Kate took issue recently with what came up when she searched herself online. Turns out, most people want to know about changes to her body. And, she reminded her fans that she is more than that.

Hidden Intimates brands itself as a company that recognizes the beauty of every woman, not just “what fits with society’s beauty standards”. And, it looks like Kate practices that in her own life as well.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk

What’s Next for Luke Cuccurullo’s Former MAFS Wife?

Kate Sisk focuses on herself and her business since Married at First Sight. And, that definitely seems to pay off for her. Luke Cuccurullo is one of the biggest MAFS villains ever in the eyes of many watchers. And, many are glad to see she does well for herself after everything she went through.

Kate dabbled in a number of different things since moving on from Luke Cuccurullo. She traveled and launched her business. And, she even wrote a song about her experience on Married at First Sight. Watchers railed against Luke and called him out for gaslighting his wife. And, even experts like Dr Pepper Schwartz spoke out against Luke.

Kate Sisk put herself back out on the dating scene after she walked away from Luke. But, it doesn’t look like she sees anyone currently. The former Married at First Sight wife certainly has a lot going for her to keep her busy. And, it’s possible she puts her heart out there again when she feels the time is right. In the meantime, she certainly seems happy where she is.

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