‘Married at First Sight’: Kate Sisk Shows Off Stunning Makeover – Luke Missed Out

Married at First Sight fan-favorite Kate Sisk recently showed off a stunning new makeover – and Luke Cuccurullo clearly missed out. Kate is busy with her new life following the end of her marriage to Luke. And, many MAFS followers want to know more about what she’s up to. See more of her stunning transformation below.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk Shows Off Stunning New Makeover

Kate Sisk is a natural beauty. And, many Married at First Sight followers fell in love with her on her season. She recently shared a pic online of her all dolled up. She revealed she hardly ever gets her makeup done. But, she decided to indulge.

Kate Sisk runs a successful women’s line called Hidden Intimates. Her models do this regularly for photoshoots. They show off her products and look good doing it. She got the look thanks to the makeup artist that makes her models look glamorous. And, she showed off the finished look online.

Married at First Sight: Kate Sisk

MAFS: Luke Cuccurullo One of the Show’s Biggest Villains Ever?

Kate Sisk’s match, Luke Cuccurullo, turned out to be one of Married at First Sight‘s biggest villains. And, even with the misery Kate experienced, she still wanted to make things work with her husband. There were numerous claims about Luke Cuccurullo throughout the season. And, most weren’t good.

Many Married at First Sight viewers accused Luke Cuccurullo of gaslighting his wife. They had sex behind closed doors. But, Luke made his wife lie to the experts about them being intimate. Meanwhile, he said she had a drinking problem when he drank too.

As a result, MAFS viewers rallied around Kate Sisk. And, many viewers are happy she kicked him to the curb on Decision Day and never looked back.

Kate’s Life Post-Luke Cuccurullo and Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight fans want to know more about Kate Sisk’s life since filming the Lifetime show. She is busy with her women’s clothing line Hidden Intimates. And, business seems to be booming for the MAFS star.

Kate Sisk had a brief relationship following her time on Married at First Sight. But, things didn’t end well. Now, she keeps herself busy with work and travel. She also meets up regularly with other cast members from her season of the Lifetime show.

In addition to being a successful business owner, Kate plays several instruments. She wrote a breakup song following her split from Luke Cuccurullo. And, she recently got back into playing piano after many years away from it.

Kate Sisk is proof that you can put yourself back together after getting your heart broken on national TV. And, even though her marriage didn’t last forever, Kate Sisk has a number of fans rooting for her success. Certainly, it’ll be interesting to see what she does next.

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