‘Married at First Sight’: Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd – Are They Still Together?

Married at First Sight couple Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd have made it official on the most recent episode of the Lifetime show. But fans want to know – are they still together? Sources recently leaked an image of the pair watching MAFS together on the couch.

Austin Hurd Was Not Jessica Studer’s Type At All: Married at First Sight

Self-proclaimed “mama’s boy” Austin Hurd was not the bearded man that his wife was expecting. Jessica Studer describes her ideal man as tall, dark hair and with a full beard. She said she would be disappointed if her husband looked differently. But Austin and Jessica seemed to have chemistry right away. MAFS experts were sure that the fun-loving pair would be a good match.

During the Married at First Sight reception, Jessica Studer and her new hubby Austin Hurd couldn’t keep their hands off each other. What started out as a few awkward kisses became a full photo shoot of affection.

Married at First Sight Viewing Party with Jessica Studer & Austin Hurd

MAFS fan account caught a photo of Jessica Studer and husband Austin snuggled on the couch. Sources reveal that the couple was watching a season 10 episode of the show. The picture shows Jessica and Austin smiling and sitting close together. This is a good sign that the two are still going strong.

Also, fans were quick to notice Austin has added some facial hair. Could this be for Jessica? Viewers gave Austin advice to grow out his hair or even dye it a darker color. It seems that he has taken the advice of the viewers and grown a beard for his new wife.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer Austin Hurd

MAFS Fans Are Hopeful for Newlyweds

The newly leaked photo has given hope to the Married at First Sight fans. Married at First Sight’s latest episode showed the two learning more about one another. Austin Hurd seems to make Jessica Studer laugh and keep things light.

And it seems that Jessica’s nickname “the keeper” was true. The newlyweds seemed to enjoy the show and each other company. While other pairs seem to be struggling, Austin and wife Jessica are awkwardly laughing through it all.

What Will Next Week Bring on Married at First Sight?

While this picture is a good sign for this MAFS couple, more can happen in the following weeks. The latest promos show each person meeting with their new in-laws. How will Austin Hurd’s mother react to Jessica? Will Jessica’s twin sister even like Austin?

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