‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Jessica Studer Disappointed by Austin Hurd?

Married at First Sight spoilers reveal that Jessica Studer wants a man with dark hair and a beard. But, on MAFS Season 10 we see that husband-to-be Austin Hurd as the opposite. Jessica told the experts what she wanted in a man – and may be disappointed with the outcome on the Lifetime show.

Married At First Sight: Jessica Studer Known as “The Keeper”

Jessica Studer from the show is a 31-year-old patient care manager from Ohio. She grew up on a Christmas Tree farm and friends describe her as “a keeper”. The 10th season of MAFS  showed Jessica telling her twin sister Jennifer about her upcoming Married at First Sight wedding.

Jessica’s sister was shocked by her twin saying “I never thought they would find you a match”. However, Jessica and her sister admitted to being very close, talking on the phone many times every day. Jessica Studer said on Married at First Sight that her relationship with her twin sister has ended romances in the past.

MAFS: Austin Hurd is the “Mama’s Boy”

Married at First Sight‘s Austin Hurd admits that he has been ready for marriage but can’t find the right woman. MAFS premiere showed Austin excited for the marriage process. But his mother was not as enthusiastic. Austin revealed that if his mother does not approve, he may not continue. However, Austin’s confident his mother will accept the MAFS ceremony.

Married at First Sight: Nurse Jessica Does NOT Want a Blonde

In a Married at First Sight spoilers preview Jessica Studer says she wants a guy with dark hair and a beard. But, Austin Hurd is blonde and has no facial hair in sight. Jessica says she is most worried about not being attracted to her new husband. She says again that she hopes he’s not a blonde.

Although she hopes that the experts found her exactly what she wants.

Viewers of the Married at First Sight spoilers video were quick to comment of Austin Hurd’s appearance. And one commenter said “I hope he can dye his hair and grow a beard overnight”. Then, another said “She asked for brown hair and beard and you gave her the compete opposite? Ha okay”.

Will Jessica Studer be Disappointed on MAFS?

Jessica Studer walks down the aisle on Wednesday’s Married at First Sight. But how will she react when seeing Austin Hurd? Will Jessica go through with the wedding? Or will Austin not like what he sees either?

In the end it may all work out. Avid MAFS fans remember that Jamie Otis was not initially attracted to her husband Doug Hehner when they were married in season one. They are still together today, happily married.

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