‘Married at First Sight’: Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd Celebrate 1st Wedding Anniversary – See How

Married at First Sight‘s Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary. As one of MAFS‘ favorite couples, they got so many people, including fans, experts from the show, and fellow castmembers wishing them the best.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer Gets Her Husband to Say I Love You

Jessica Student and her husband Austin Hurd met and married on season 10 of Married at First Sight. As soon as fans saw the two at the altar, everyone was rooting for this quirky couple. Quirky couples seem to be a fan favorite on MAFS.

Both of them were obviously feeling the relationship. They even spoke about kids, jobs, how much money each of them was going to make, and more. The issue of travel was the only thing that got even close to heated. Well, let’s not forget the “I love you” situation. Jessica wanted to say it, and Austin didn’t feel comfortable to say it yet.

But much to Jessica’s excitement, on Decision Day, Austin from Married at First Sight said those three special words. And you could tell that he really meant them when he said them, so that made it extra special.

Married at First Sight: Austin Hurd - Jessica Studer

Austin Hurd and Wife the Sweetest Ever?

There have been some cute couples on the show. But many people think that Austin Hurd and his wife Jessica Studer are the sweetest. In the latest season of Married at First Sight, there are some couples that may give them a run for their money. Whatever the case, the couple is still very much together and very much in love.

We’ve seen them take some pretty important steps on the show, like saying I love you, working out their issues with his traveling, and not letting the other couples distract them. After the show, we’ve seen them build their life together, which includes adopting an adorable dog.

It looks like Austin and Jessica are both keeping close with family, even with the pandemic. Jessica Studer from Married at First Sight has Sunday run days with her twin sister, and of course, Austin is keeping up with his mom. Remember, he’s a momma’s boy, right?

Married at First Sight: Austin Hurd - Jessica Studer

Married at First Sight: How Did They Celebrate?

What did this Married at First Sight couple do for their 1st anniversary? Was it something elaborate? Or did they stay in because of COVID-19?

It looks like they decided to stay in, but Jessica Studer is really enjoying the one-year-old cake from their wedding. She said she would recommend it. But Austin was teasing her and said that he didn’t want anyone to eat their cake. He seemed a little surprised that she said she liked the cake more than she liked the red roses he got for her.

True to Jessica and Austin Hurd’s style from Married at First Sight, they stayed in and enjoyed some time together. Why go out when you can have delicious cake and look at gorgeous roses inside? You can watch more Wednesday nights at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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