‘Married at First Sight’: Brandon Reid Too ‘Awkward’ for Taylor Dunklin?

Married at First Sight pair Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin made it official on the most recent episode of the Lifetime show. Marriage hopefuls put their futures completely in the hands of the experts. Sometimes they hit it out of the park with their matchmaking. And, other times they fall flat. Taylor was looking for a few specific things in a husband. Did the experts let her down?

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin Calls Brandon Reid ‘Awkward’

First impressions are a big deal on Married at First Sight. Especially when the new spouses get to know each other for the first time. It’s natural to be nervous and a bit jittery on your wedding day. Particularly when you’re getting married to a stranger and cameras are all around. Brandon Reid really struggled with nerves on MAFS and made countless references to “panic attacks” and “throwing up”.

This seemed to rub Taylor Dunklin the wrong way initially. Brandon Reid used a lot of humor to break the ice and get comfortable. But, a lot of those attempts seemed to fall flat with Taylor Dunklin. She called Brandon “awkward” and seemed to be put off initially. Instant sparks can be a big deal when it comes to being able to shape attraction and a successful marriage. And, that seemed to fall short for these two.

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MAFS: Taylor Rejects Brandon?

Some Married at First Sight watchers note that the spark isn’t quite there for Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid. They both seemed a little timid during their first sit-down together as a married pair. Right off the bat, Taylor seems like the more outgoing of the two. She said she likes to go out a lot. Meanwhile, Brandon Reid seemed more the homebody type.

The Married at First Sight duo seemed out of their comfort zone when they had to take wedding pictures. And, even pastor Calvin Roberson told Married at First Sight cameras that the twosome seem awkward together. Taylor Dunklin rejected Brandon Reid when he went in for a kiss. So, that may be a red flag early for these two. Whether or not something grows between them will be worth watching to find out. But, at least early on, it doesn’t seem to be smooth sailing.

Do They Warm Up to Each Other on Married at First Sight?

Kissing is an intimate act. So, it’s understandable that Married at First Sight wife Taylor Dunklin wasn’t comfortable smooching a complete stranger. But, that wasn’t limited to just kissing. Holding hands for pictures proved to be awkward as well. Taylor shook her husband’s hand rather than hold it at first. And, it’s clear they are going to have to break down a few barriers as their marriage progresses.

Taylor Dunklin said once she gets to know Brandon Reid, she will feel more comfortable locking lips. But, she said she is “out of her element”. Whether or not they warm up to one another as the weeks progress will be worth tuning in to see. Sometimes, if things start off on the wrong foot, they can continue to go downhill. So, whether or not these two turn things around remains to be seen. Teasers for the next episode show the pair sharing a bed. So, that may be a good sign.

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