‘Married at First Sight’ Shocker: Brandon Ditches Taylor – Filed Annulment Against Wife

On Married at First Sight, Brandon Reid just married Taylor Dunklin. But, in a shocking move, right after the season premiere aired, the MAFS husband filed annulment papers against his wife. However, in real-time, they’ve been married for months.

Still, most couples wait until after “Decision Day” airs before they file papers to end their reality show unions legally. Brandon broke the mold, though. Check out what happened and be sure to watch for signs of their coming split as you watch the show unfold on Lifetime on Wednesdays.

Married at First Sight Huge Spoiler: Brandon Reid Files to Annul Taylor Dunklin

With five couples this season on MAFS, it seemed we might have more pairs make it past D-Day and to their happily ever after. But now, we know that Brandon Reid and bride Taylor Dunklin are not a success story. So, what went wrong for the pair? Promos for Married at First Sight show fights and tears.

That means the supersized season might also see even more drama. At their wedding and reception, Brandon Reid seemed a little awkward with his dancing while Taylor Dunklin smiled and laughed it off. But, things seem fine heading into their wedding night on Married at First Sight.

MAFS Couple Split Confirmed After Season Premiere on Lifetime

There’s always questions of how long the Married at First Sight unions will last. According to a tipster in Washington DC where the weddings took place, the five pairs wed in late Summer. With an early January annulment filing puts Brandon and Taylor’s union at less than six months.

And, the court filing indicates they’re living apart. Brandon Reid’s the plaintiff that filed the annulment case. He lists his address in Washington DC but Taylor Dunklin’s residence in nearby Maryland. So, they may have split after leaving the Married at First Sight-provided apartment.

Married at First Sight Timeline: How Long Did Brandon & Taylor Last?

With an early August wedding date, based on our source, and an eight-week social experiment phase, that helps sort Taylor and her insta-husband Brandon’s timeline. Brandon Reid wed Taylor Dunklin in early August on Married First Sight. Then, add eight weeks. That puts the big divorce or stay-married day in early October.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin - Brandon Reid - Split-8838

That means if Brandon Reid and spouse Taylor Dunklin said “no thanks” on D-Day, then he waited a few months post-split to make their split official. However, it remains to be seen if they break up then or after their time on the reality show. Because many couples keep going after their decision airs on Married at First Sight only to break up later.

Interestingly, Brandon Reid filed on January 2, the first day the courthouse opened for business in the New Year. And it was the day after the premiere of MAFS season 20. They say timing is everything, and it seems Brandon Reid couldn’t wait another moment to call off his marriage to Taylor Dunklin. He filed an annulment, but the docs say he’ll take divorce if that’s the only choice.

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