‘Married at First Sight’: Brandon Reid & Taylor Dunklin Shocker – He Scores Huge Win

Married at First Sight‘s Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin stay true to themselves after the Lifetime show — but a recent development shocked fans and has Brandon celebrating a win over Taylor.

Married at First Sight: Brandon Reid & Taylor Dunklin Were a Cute Couple

When experts matched Brandon Reid and his wifey Taylor Dunklin, it looks like a Married at First Sight match made in heaven. Taylor and her new husband, Brandon, got along well, and they were attracted to each other. But when the honeymoon rolled around, things took a twist.

Brandon did not like being on camera and wasn’t afraid to say so. Not only that, he cussed everyone out on the bus when heading to the airport. He even called Taylor a b–ch. And he quickly became the biggest villain of the tenth season of Married at First Sight

Taylor Dunklin wasn’t without her faults, though. She made a video and told all of the things she wanted in a man — and it definitely wasn’t Brandon Reid. Despite how cute of a couple they were on Married at First Sight, fans saw disaster heading their way.

Married at First Sight: Brandon Reid

Brandon Gets an Annulment

Season 10 of Married at First Sight was one of the most disastrous seasons. Brandon went in and pled his case to a judge, and he said he “made history.” In fact, the judge said Brandon Reid was the first man since 1922 to walk into the county court married and walk out single – with annulment versus divorce.

Brandon told viewers of Married at First Sight that Taylor was just on the show to get famous. After a couple of weeks of TV marriage, he called out Taylor Dunklin. And many people don’t think fans saw some of the most important footage from MAFS — because Lifetime didn’t air it.

Now he’s hanging out with Michael Watson from the same season — who also got an annulment from his TV wife. Whatever the case, the judge ruled in Brandon’s favor. He is a free man and says with his life’s back in order, he’s ready to start living again after Married at First Sight. And a big part of that is eating out and watching Narcos. It seems like Brandon Reid is pleased to be rid of his wife, Taylor Dunklin.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin

Married at First Sight: Taylor Lives It Up Without Her Husband

It didn’t take Taylor Dunklin of Married at First Sight long to get back on the party scene. She has always loved a good time, and hasn’t slowed down at all. Brandon Reid didn’t like how much of her life she shared, and that was one of the nails in their marriage coffin.

It’s not uncommon to see Taylor out in sultry clothing having a good time. And it seems like she feels good about herself. MAFS star Taylor didn’t say anything about the annulment on her end.

Married at First Sight ex Taylor Dunklin knew more about what she was getting into than Brandon did. She seems to love the attention and spotlight while he was the opposite. Right now, it doesn’t look like either of them is dating anyone but we’ll update you when that changes.

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