‘Married at First Sight’: Dr Pepper Schwartz Dishes on Controversial Cast Members – Exclusive Interview

Married at First Sight expert Dr Pepper Schwartz is the longest-tenured expert on MAFS. She helps shape marriages and relationships from the interview process all the way up to Decision Day. And, with a brand new season of Married at First Sight underway, she is helping current couples find their happily ever after. Dr Pepper Schwartz gave Soap Dirt an exclusive interview. What did she reveal?

Married at First Sight: Dr Pepper Schwartz Reveals Surprising Things About Marriage Hopefuls

Soap Dirt (SD): As experts, you spend the majority of your time giving advice. What’s the most profound thing you’ve learned from a Married at First Sight marriage hopeful?

Dr Pepper Schwartz (DPS): “I have been consistently surprised at how young people get ‘burnt out’. It seems there is a lot of brutish behavior out there. Men and women ‘ghost’ each other or, as one hopeful once said, ‘go on to the next shiny object’. Men and women start dating early and so they get cynical early – and lose self-confidence quickly”.

“I can’t believe sometimes when I meet someone [on Married at First Sight] who I think is a ‘star’ in any marriage market who doesn’t believe that they will ever find – or keep – a partner. It saddens me to know that it is up to us to give this person the reassurance and support they should have had long ago, to help them love themselves and know that they are worthy of another person’s love and loyalty”.

“It shocks me that [as Married at First Sight experts] we have to help these people who do want to commit to find each other. It’s an unfriendly dating world out there and I think many people get discouraged and doubt themselves. So I am extremely happy when we can put two people together who have the same goals, same intense desire for marriage, and who will work hard to make their mutual dream come true”.

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MAFS: Dr Pepper Dishes on Casting Approach and Controversial Stars

SD: Does having controversial cast members on Married at First Sight from season to season impact your approach at all?

DPS: “Oh yes! I can’t say yes enough on this one! We are not looking for drama, for people who care more about themselves than the marriage! We want love and learning, personal growth and marital skills – and if these don’t occur, we all feel the pain of the spouse who is not getting what they deserve. So, We want this [Married at First Sight] experience to be a gift to each spouse and if it doesn’t work out that way, we work hard to figure out why we were wrong about someone and what we can do never to make that same mistake again.”

“For example, we check people’s economic history and employment more carefully now – we didn’t realize that someone might shade the truth (or downright lie) about what they did for a living. So [the Married at First Sight producers and experts] are building in some further research on people’s jobs. We also are having secondary psychiatric information over and above our first tests of candidates to make sure we have tried our best to discover any serious psychological issues.”

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What Dr Pepper Has Learned from the Married at First Sight Experience

As experts on the show, Dr Pepper Schwartz and her colleagues are seen as authority figures. They counsel married pairs and come up with activities to strengthen bonds and other aspects of successful relationships. But, even as an expert, there are things Dr Pepper has learned from the Married at First Sight process. Things that she’s been able to apply to her life off-camera.

Dr Pepper Schwartz told Soap Dirt that helping couples build stronger bonds over the years has reminded her “not to get lazy or forgetful” when it comes to verbalizing and showing affection to her partner. In addition, she said being an expert on Married at First Sight helps her “be a better spouse” to her husband. And, it reminds her how fortunate she is to have the husband and the marriage she does.

Dr Pepper Schwartz is a favorite among Married at First Sight watchers. She has been guiding marriage hopefuls since the very first season of the show. And, she’s the only original expert remaining. Over the years, Dr Pepper Schwartz steered countless couples with her helpful tips and solid advice. And, she’s not afraid to call someone out when she feels they’ve crossed a line. She practices what she preaches in her personal life and leads by example. And, she is someone all current and future couples can learn from – in more ways than one.

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