‘Married At First Sight’: Taylor & Brandon Jailed – Drag ‘MAFS’ Pals to Court

Married At First Sight reunion show left us with parting dirt including the fact that Taylor Dunklin flaunted herself in Brandon Reid‘s face and the evening ended in handcuffs. And not in a good way. After Decision Day, two out of five of the DC area couples remained hitched. But five months later, at the reunion, it was down to one, and of course it was Jessica and Austin.

Let’s get into the messy details of the season 10 wrap up and what went down with Brandon latest brawl with Taylor.

Derek Sherman & Katie Conrad Uncoupled on Married At First Sight

In the early days of what the cast and experts call “the process”, Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad were early favorites to go all the way. Both shared an easy-going approach to the marriage and runner up to the prom king and queen looks. But sitting with host Kevin Frazier, the mood is much different. Katie and hubby Derek are forced to watch a montage of their “journey”.

On Married At First Sight, they started off all cutesy and cuddly. Then, Katie realized she still wanted to bang her ex and hated the sound of Derek breathing. But she said yes on D-Day and the two moved into a new place with different wall art. But soon, Katie decided they should just be friends and sleep in separate bedrooms. And shag her ex after work before Derek got home and it was time to watch The Bachelor.

Host Kevin then asks the obvious question: “are you still married?” And of course, the answer is no. Katie put the final brakes on everything during their one-month anniversary trip to Nashville. Derek says his heart wasn’t broken because Katie made it easy to NOT fall in love with her.

Of course, Katie blames everything on Derek. That she was the only one doing anything while he continued his bachelor life and stayed out past 11:00. Run free like Cal the turtle Derek, run free.

Meka Jones Makes An Entrance On MAFS Reunion

Meka Jones looks ready for the red carpet on the Married At First Sight reunion. In a stunning pink gown, Meka lays out just how tough it was dealing with Michael Watson’s constant lying on the show. There’s no cliffhanger here as Meka gave a solid “no” on decision day. The couple watch their montage which is mostly focused on Michael’s inability to tell the truth. Host Kevin even calls him out on his false claim of being a yoga instructor.

One thing Married At First Sight‘s Michael Watson obviously didn’t learn is that you don’t play miss Meka Jones. Like a top-notch private eye, she apparently called every yoga studio in the tri-state area. None have any record of Michael so much as touching his toes anywhere near them. Michael is sheepish and blurts out a half-assed apology saying he could have done better. And Meka admits she was pretty hardcore at times. Maybe. But she brought it today. Best Married At First Sight reunion revenge look ever.

Zach Justice Makes Up His Own Law Of Attraction On Married At First Sight Reunion

Zach Justice seems to be season 10’s most disliked cast member. And that’s in a cast that includes unhinged Brandon and dream-crusher Katie. Perhaps it’s because Zach lacks the outward layer of crazy displayed by the other two. He prefers to be down-low shady instead of outre. Mindy definitely has wised up and her body language shows she’s so over this tool since their time on Married At First Sight.

As the two watch their clips, Zach smiles at how strong his hair game was. Mindy looks disgusted. We revisit the many times Zach talked in circles and outright lied. Zach says he’s sorry but insists he never checked out. Host Kevin points out that Zach never actually checked in. And Mindy says she thinks he was in it for the publicity. In the end, this was just a big waste of everyone’s time. Zach will no doubt try his hand (and hair) at another reality show post-Married At First Sight.

Jessica Studer & Austin Hurd Win MAFS

If there was to be a winner in the mess that was season 10 of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd certainly took the prize. The two self-proclaimed goofballs kept it going while everyone else combusted. Maybe it was dipping their hands into Plaster-of-Paris together. Or, even better, Austin’s lap dance. Even though host Kevin called it the worst ever. Maybe Jessica’s strict bedtime curfew is the secret to a happy marriage after all.

Whatever it was, these two Married At First Sight marrieds stood the test of time. Well, five months of it, anyway. And Austin even traveled for business a lot during the first couple of months. Now, Jessica said it actually made her heart grow fonder for her mop-haired hubby. Nonetheless, they made it. And nobody got arrested or lied about teaching Zumba in a studio across town. So kudos to this MAFS couple.

And Then There Was Taylor Dunklin

Taylor Dunklin arrives solo to the MAFS reunion set solo. It seems Brandon Reid’s behavior resulted in Married At First Sight producers to uninvite him. But, it seems Taylor and also Brandon continued their dysfunction after the split. So, Taylor Dunklin hit up a bar where Brandon Reid worked. And, Taylor conveniently showed up with one of her male “friends”. Then, she says Brandon Reid got creepy and snapped a picture of them – then taunted them.

So, Taylor Dunklin says she confronted Brandon for snapping a pic and following them. The next thing you know, the cops were called. And the Married At First Sight exes both spent a day in the clink. Now, Brandon Reid has a restraining order against Taylor – and vice-versa. For real? Sure, MAFS should’ve booted Brandon back in Panama. But, Taylor needs to stop. Just like the video, she was going for a reaction. But maybe Taylor didn’t bargain on going to jail for some likes.

MAFS Reunion Michael Watson Is In The Hot Seat About Brandon Reid

Married At First Sight reunion host Kevin Frazier gathers everyone together after the individual interviews. The first topic. of course, is Brandon Reid and ex Taylor Dunklin. It seems several of the cast testified in their tandem restraining order case. Mindy says it caused her anxiety. When asked, Michael Watson says it was “interesting and sad”. Then, he stands up for Brandon Reid which makes everybody mad. So, Michael does his best Brandon and rips off his mic and flees.

What’s a reality show reunion without someone storming off? Married At First Sight host with the most Kevin heads backstage. There, Michael’s story is full of holes, of course. He says he was being singled out about Brandon Reid. And it’s really not his place to defend or speak for Brandon. Fair enough. Michael returns to the stage with immunity. Although while he was gone, Meka says she wasn’t surprised that he stormed out when things got real.

Married At First Sight Bombshell: Katie Conrad & Zach Justice Went Out After Filming

After a hot start, the reunion roundtable moved to basic things. At least for a minute. The gals admit most of them got matching number 10 tat on their ring fingers to commemorate the season from hell. Then, Jessica admits her tat is in a different place. On the ring finger of her paper mache hand mold. Host Kevin brings the group back to earth by announcing one of Mindy’s friends was about to join the Married At First Sight stage.

For a minute, everyone hoped it would be Lindsay. The sunburned girl from the wedding day that had a text affair with Zach complete with emojis. But it is Mindy’s pal Shannie. She’s there to cut through the BS as Kevin grills Zach. In the end, Mindy admits she’s ready forgive Lindsay for being a classic b*tch. Shannie says she wants no part of Lindsay because she’s not a “quality person”. And, she knew exactly what she was doing. You tell ’em, Shannie.

The Married At First Sight ending erupts about Katie being an “ever-bigger brat ” than we knew. Then, it comes out that she went for drinks with Zach after filming. Plus, she cornered Derek and asked him to keep her sh*tty behavior on the DL. Katie denies all of it except for having a mojito with Zach. Then hair boy says Mindy’s reaction to their date was “Katie? Zach really? F*ck you!” That’s the perfect catchphrase to end this season of Married At First Sight. 

Now, we’ll just wait for next season like Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid waited to make bail…

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