‘Married at First Sight’: Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd Adopt

Married at First Sight‘s Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd made a huge step in their relationship as they adopt an adorable little pup named Rex. They are getting a lot of attention for their great puppie parenting already.

Married at First Sight: Austin Hurd is the Protector

Austin Hurd said that he is protecting his new pup, Rex. He doesn’t like fireworks and other loud noises. You can see below that Rex has a thunder vest on. During the fourth of July, his newfound Married at First Sight family kept him from worrying too much.

While the fourth of July was a lot of fun for Jessica Studer and her husband Austin Hurd, they still thought about their pup. Fans said they were so great to think about how he felt. His cute little face is obviously saying he’s glad to have this home.

Getting a pet together is a major step. Austin Hurd of Married at First Sight that airs on TLC Wednesday nights at 8 pm and his wife Jessica Studer are one of the less than ten couples that are still married from the show’s first ten seasons.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer - Austin Hurd

MAFS: Jessica Studer Cuddles Her New Fur Baby

Jessica Studer from Married at First Sight is a very loving person. She shared on the show that she was in love with Austin before he said anything about it. She did keep hinting and asking him about how he felt. But Austin played it cool and said he wanted to wait to say, I love you.

Obviously, everything worked out between the two. The couple agreed that they work because they are both a little weird and awkward. Even though her sister and her sister’s husband acted a little worried in the beginner, it seems they are on board now. It’s easy to be a fan when you know everything works out well.

We are sure that Jessica’s sister’s husband is glad for Austin of Married at First Sight to take some of Jessica’s time. And now her fur baby Rex has some of her attention, too. And it looks like he couldn’t be happier than when he’s snuggling with his new mom.

Married at First Sight: Jessica Studer - Austin Hurd

Married at First Sight: The Love Story Continues

During Married at First Sight, we hear both Austin Hurd and Jessica say it was easy. They said they didn’t expect it to be so easy. In fact, they thought it was going to be a lot harder, but they just click. They even said they felt a little bad saying how easy things were going when they talked to the other couples.

Austin and Jessica spend a lot of time hanging out in the outdoors. Even though she has a demanding job that requires long hours, she’s obviously making time for her relationship. It seems like Austin is still being sweet, caring, and helping pick up the work that Jessica from Married at First Sight can’t because she’s not at home.

Fans are enjoying keeping up with this sweet couples’ story and wish them and Rex nothing but happiness.

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