‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Rodriguez Divorces Christina and Has New Girlfriend

Married at First Sight‘s Henry Rodriguez and Christina were an odd couple. Fans aren’t sure how they got matched and now sources say they are divorced and Henry has a new girlfriend.

Married at First Sight: Is Henry Rodriguez Getting a Bad Edit?

Many MAFS fans think Henry Rodriguez is getting a bad edit. One of the things they say gives it away is the weird music in the background. They say that’s sometimes how Married at First Sight and other shows create awkwardness. But some people don’t believe it.

Even if Henry wasn’t that awkward around Christina, most people agree they weren’t a good match. In fact, no one can see any similarities between the two. As far as people can tell, it’s more a game of opposites for these two. And, uncomfortable silence for the win, please.

There are other people that got edits they didn’t think they deserved. Many people liked the Henry Rodriguez of Married at First Sight they saw during the matchmaking special. And aren’t sure what happened to that guy.

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Christina Is On a Mission

Christina said she was on a mission on their honeymoon. No, that mission wasn’t to get to know her husband better. In fact, she said the mission was to get him to try new things.

Fans of Married at First Sight said it seemed more like Christina was trying to be his mother. But not a nice mother. Christina kept bringing up how it was his first time out of the country and how she’s experienced so much.

At one point, he did say that jumping on the indoor trampolines was wild. People that watch Married at First Sight could see how Christina viewed that as a little vanilla. But whatever the case, it didn’t ever seem like this marriage had a chance.

Married at First Sight: Brighter Days Ahead for Henry

According to MAFsfan, Henry isn’t singing the blues. In fact, he and Christina divorced. But he also has a girlfriend.

Viewers of Married at First Sight are happy for Henry. And they are glad that Christina and her husband Henry didn’t try to make it work. Viewers said it looked too painful.

Whatever the case, it seems like Henry Rodriguez is moving on with his life. And Christina doesn’t have to be on a mission to help him experience life anymore. It seems like he’s doing just fine without her. You can catch more from Married at First Sight on Lifetime Wednesday nights at 8 pm.

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