‘Married at First Sight’: Christina Says Henry Rodriguez Is Cheating According to ‘Reliable Source’

Married at First Sight‘s Christina took the gloves off. She says Henry Rodriguez is cheating, and she claims she has a “reliable source” to back it up.

Married at First Sight: Christina Stays Out All Night

After weeks of dealing with his Married at First Sight wife Christina, Henry has had it. Henry Rodriguez spoke with Pastor Cal Roberson and told him Christina is dishonest. One of the things he brought up was her lie about where she lived.

When Henry brought up the living situation to Christina, she got upset. In fact, she said that she didn’t lie at all. But her Married at First Sight hubby didn’t buy it.

MAFS‘ Henry Rodriguez told Pastor Cal that Christina stayed out all night. And he said that he didn’t trust her and that there needs to be trust in a relationship. It looks like he’s coming to the end of his rope with his wife.

Married at First Sight: Christina

Henry Rodriguez’s Wife Makes Outrageous Claims

Henry told viewers of Married at First Sight that Christina hadn’t been at the house much. And then he went on to say that Christina said a male friend of hers texted and said Henry was cheating on her. And she said they told her he was cheating with a man.

Lifetime’s Henry Rodriguez shared his anger and denied everything. And that he wasn’t with a man and he wasn’t cheating on Christina. But it doesn’t seem like Christina believed what he said, and their marriage might be over. Even though she didn’t show him the text to back up what she said.

Married at First Sight viewers think Christina is trying to deflect. Since fans think she’s the villain now, they think she’s trying to flip the script. But as of right now—it isn’t working.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Christina

Married at First Sight: Henry Tries to Make the Marriage Work

Despite the accusations, Henry Rodriguez stays committed to making the marriage work. He tried confronting his Married at First Sight spouse, and that didn’t work. And now they are going off to a couple’s retreat to see if that will help.

During the couples retreat, things don’t go well for Henry and his wife. And it looks like things might end at the event. Fans think they should put themselves out of their misery and end it all.

Fans of Christina think that her Married at First Sight husband talks down to her. And that his lack of compliments and kindness add to the problems. No matter who was at fault, SD reported that Christina and Henry are no longer together. And Christina is living in Mexico.

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