‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Rodriguez Can’t See Himself with Christina

Married at First Sight‘s Henry Rodriguez told Christina that he couldn’t see himself with her. Henry said this in a spoiler when Christina asked him how he felt about being with her.

Married at First Sight: Christina Continues Her Impatience

During the first episodes of the Lifetime show, it seemed like the producers focused on Christina’s lousy attitude. But as the show continued, it was obvious to Married at First Sight viewers that she was simply impatient. And it wasn’t just the viewers that noticed—Henry noticed as well.

It wasn’t just production that Christina had issues with. In fact, she seemed to have issues with everyone. Cast member Woody Randall said his boy Henry Rodriguez didn’t pick up that she was having a bad day. And that she wanted him to have a bad day with her.

It looks like Woody has a little more insight into the situation than Henry Rodriguez himself. But whatever the case, Henry hasn’t enjoyed his marriage very much so far. There were some glimmers of hope, but it still isn’t very bright for their Married at First Sight couple.

Married At First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Christina

MAFS: Henry Rodriguez Calls Wife High Maintenance

Another big mistake Henry Rodriguez made, according to the guys, was calling Christina high maintenance. The men of Married at First Sight agreed that is never a good thing. They said they might think it, but they would never say it.

After the fight and Christina going out to drink with her friends, she came home to Henry. And she wanted to tell him something deep. They did have a tender moment, but fans of Married at First Sight think it may be fleeting.

Christina told her husband that she got off her meds about a month and a half ago. Henry Rodriguez didn’t even blink or act like it bothered him. In fact, he said that he would never make her feel bad about being on or off medication.

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry Rodriguez

Married at First Sight: Still Hope for Henry & Christina?

When Henry and his wife to play golf, fans thought that things might start to go a little better for the couple. But teasers say that things are not all well for the couple, and Christina asked Henry how he felt. He was quick to say that he couldn’t see himself in his Married at First Sight marriage to Christina.

Some viewers think production might be overselling their fight. And team Henry Rodriguez and Christina are still cheering the unhappy couple on. Maybe they will continue to bond over golf and dancing, some think.

Henry did say that if Christina wanted a kiss, she would need to tone down her attitude. And that the goal was to get them to their first kiss, right? That’s what everyone else thinks, Henry—but I guess viewers will have to wait and see.

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