‘Married at First Sight’: Christina Confuses Henry Rodriguez – Explains Where She Lives

Married at First Sight’s Christina confused Henry Rodriguez and viewers with her living situation. When the couples went to clean out their places, Christina said she had things in her car, in storage, and specifically—in California.

Married at First Sight: Where Does Christina Live?

Fans of the Lifetime show are asking where Christina lives. At the beginning of the show, Dr. Pepper Schwartz went somewhere to do a home check. Fans are wondering why she didn’t get her things from there.

During the episode, Christina of Married at First Sight commented on Henry Rodriguez’s apartment. She said she thought it would be small, but it was really small. Henry kept repeating that it was a studio apartment and seemed a little nervous.

Their conversation over the chicken—not chicken was also strange. But while Christina made all these judgments, it turns out she is moving things from her car. Viewers of Married at First Sight started asking if Christina was homeless, if she lived with a boyfriend and many other things.

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry

Henry Rodriguez Ready to Go to Christina’s Home

After Christina and Henry got some things from his house, it was time to go to her house. When they walked out, it seemed like Henry was surprised she didn’t have a place. Fans of Married at First Sight were going back and forth asking if Christina lived with her mom or what the situation was.

Some of the viewers said it might be the editing. Fans know how much the producers love to edit for drama. Whatever the case, there wasn’t anywhere to go to get Christina’s things, so off to the apartment they went.

The tension in the apartment wasn’t sexual tension. In fact, it doesn’t seem like Henry has any attraction to Christina from Married at First Sight at all. And the no-place-to-live thing really put a damper on things.

Married at First Sight: Christina

Married at First Sight: Christina Explains

Christina couldn’t take it anymore, so she explained where she lived. She reminded everyone that she is a flight attendant. And she said that since she travels so much, she stays in different places. As a matter of fact, this is a pretty common way to live for flight attendants.

In fact, she said the place Dr. Pepper visited was an Airbnb. Married at First Sight viewers still aren’t sure how she got to be on the New Orleans episode when it seems like her things are in California.

Whatever the case, it probably doesn’t matter. Henry Rodriguez dropped a bomb and said his only attraction for Christina was as a friend. Pastor Cal acted a little surprised at Henry’s statement. But it doesn’t seem like he’s ready to give up on the pair just yet.

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