‘Married at First Sight’: Christina and Henry Rodriguez Share Tender Moment

Married at First Sight‘s Christina and Henry Rodriguez have been hard to watch. The couple hasn’t vibed at all, and Henry called Christina high maintenance—which is never good.

Married at First Sight: Christina & Henry Rodriguez Clash

From the day they got Married at First Sight, Henry Rodriguez and his bride didn’t get along great. At first, it was a little subtle, and they didn’t talk about it directly. But after Christina getting testy with production, her husband couldn’t take it anymore.

Christina said that she felt like she was doing everything on her own. Henry totally missed the point and said that he would “Venmo her” his part of the groceries. MAFS ans knew Christina wasn’t talking about money, but Henry was way off in left field.

Whatever the case, the rest of the evening didn’t go well. Christina from Married at First Sight was ready to stop taping, and Henry wished she was a little easier going. But that didn’t go over well with her, and later, the other guys told Henry Rodriguez that was a major mess up.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Christina

Christina Opens Up to Henry

After all of that trouble, no one thought anything good could come from Christina and her husband. In fact, fans said that the couple never had a chance. But it looks like things might be shifting in the relationship.

On a recent Married at First Sight spoiler, Christina told Henry she wanted to talk to him. She said that she wasn’t taking her ADD medication. Henry looked a little concerned, but not in a bad way.

Christina went on to say that her mom wanted her off her medication. But Henry Rodriguez said she shouldn’t feel bad about needing it. And that he would never push her to get off it if she needed it. Henry showed the caring side of himself his friend had told Christina about. And it looked like Christina liked it.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez - Christina

Married at First Sight: Smooth Sailing or Rough Seas?

Henry asked Christina how long it was since she took her meds. She said it had been about a month and a half. And that she is on her meds again and wants things to be better.

Henry agreed that it would help things. And he said that he was glad she was doing what she knew she should for herself. And it looks like they might be bonding on the Lifetime show a little bit.

Fans of Married at First Sight still worry about the couple. They wonder if everything could start going smoothly all of a sudden because Christina opened up. Or would things go back to the awkward way they were?

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