‘Married at First Sight’: Henry Rodriguez Ready for a Baby?

Married at First Sight star Henry Rodriguez may no longer be a husband to Christina but that doesn’t stop him from being an ideal dad. The 35-year-old recruiter from New Orleans recently teased his take on fatherhood. Henry, who got divorced from Christina, joked about his parenting skills despite not having a child of his own.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez Gets Baby Fever?

Looks like Henry Rodriguez just caught baby fever and fans are all for it. The Married at First Sight alum recently spent time with a friend and his young child at a local seafood restaurant. There, the ex-husband of Christina adorably held his friend’s baby, seemingly pleased with himself.

Henry gently held the little tot with both hands as they posed for the camera. The MAFS cast member even humorously added a “bread hat” on the child’s head, before joking, “I’m good with kids. Look”. The sweet moment between the two definitely put Henry in a different light.

Married at First Sight fans now see the other side of Henry Rodriguez that was not seen on the show. They believe he’s actually good with kids and that he enjoys spending time with them. It’ll be interesting to see him as a hands-on dad to his future children.

Married at First Sight: Henry Rodriguez

MAFS Fans Think Henry and Olivia Cornu Will Make Good Parents

Meanwhile, many Married at First Sight enthusiasts reacted to Henry Rodriguez’s fatherly photo. The Lifetime celebrity managed to impress his followers as he showed off a calm baby in his hands. Many considered this a good sign, especially since it’s not easy to keep a child quiet around strangers.

Many have also expressed their desire to see Henry become a father with his and Olivia Cornu’s child. For months, MAFS fans have been shipping the pair, urging them to date each other. Talks of them being a compatible couple intensified even more as they spend a lot of time together.

However, Henry Rodriguez recently confirmed that he and Olivia Cornu are only friends. The Married at First Sight celebrity said Brett Lindsey’s ex-wife is a very cool and fun person to be with but their relationship is just platonic — at least for now. Henry said he’s not closing the door on a potential romance with Olivia.

Married at First Sight: Olivia Conru - Henry Rodriguez

Married at First Sight: Are Babies on the Horizon for Henry?

Henry Rodriguez from Married at First Sight adorably holding a baby got people wondering whether or not he considers having his own baby soon. By the looks of it, he really enjoyed spending time with his friend’s child even for a short time. Was the experience enough to trigger his desire to become a parent?

Currently, it doesn’t look like Henry is in a serious relationship with anyone. That being said, it might take a while before he could actually enjoy being a father. For now, he can hone his parenting skills with his friends’ children as he prepares for that big day.

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