‘Married at First Sight NOLA’: 2020 Season Premiere Date Reveal

Married at Fight Sight fans rejoice as the new season premiere date for MAFS New Orleans. Married at Fight Sight NOLA is here and it’s time to see who finds love. The experts are back and the five lucky couples are excited to share their stories. Even with the pandemic going on—the show will go on.

Married at First Sight New Orleans (NOLA): Getting Ready for the Hybrid Season

Fans of Married at First Sight are on the edge of their seats. There’s something about seeing two strangers walk up the aisle to say, “I do.” And even though a global pandemic tried to take the show down, it’s still going strong. The weddings filmed in February before the lockdown, so that is still going to be professional filming. But much of the rest of the show is going to be self-filming.

Two of the grooms, Miles Alexander and Henry Rodriguez,  will be the new season and Married at First Sight fans are interested to see how things are going to look when MFAS NOLA airs. Will it be as good as it is with professional filming? Viewers are hopeful and believe this will be an interesting challenge to watch as the newlyweds try to navigate quarantine together.

Married at First Sight: Miles Alexander

Set Your DVRs Because MAFS Coming Soon

So, when is the new season of Married at First Sight coming out? Set your DVR for July 15th, which is a Wednesday, on Lifetime at 8 pm. There is another Wednesday beforehand that will have some content for you. The 8th is going to be the matchmaking special and kickoff special—but the main event starts on the 15th.

Get ready for the experts to match five couples that are looking for love. We saw the leak of two cast members earlier for those people that like spoilers. If you don’t like spoilers, make sure you watch before getting online because this is going to be a very much talked about show. The photo below comes from a reputable leaker for Lifetime shows and they say this may be a bride.

Married at First Sight: Bride

Will Married at First Sight Keep Its Popularity?

Married at First Sight has grown a major following over the years. The experts are doing a great job matching couples. And we even got to watch some of the couples on the specials to see how they are doing. Many people are finding love but it has plenty of drama too to keep people interested.

Some people wonder if the MAFS is going to keep being as popular with the self-filming element. Fans don’t seem to mind and say they are excited to watch Married at First Sight NOLA.

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