‘Married At First Sight’: Christina Is Impatient and Wants Henry To Take Charge – Recap

Married At First Sight wrapped up the honeymoon with Christina wishing Henry Rodriguez would take charge and just do or say something. Woody Randall and wife Amani were the only couple to seal the deal with some honeymoon sex. Brett gaslights Olivia and annoys the heck out of everyone else. Karen isn’t feeling Miles Williams, honestly. And Amelia Fatsi falls asleep on Bennet Kirschner. Let’s dive into the fray and see how season 11 episode 6 I See Red Flags rates when it’s all said and done.

Married At First Sight: Miles Williams and Other Couples Get Real

As the honeymoon draws to a close, the couples find out a little more about each other. For some, it’s a good thing. But Married at First Sight star Miles Williams’ honesty about his clinical depression made Karen uncomfortable. Ouch.

And Henry Rodriguez was very uncomfortable with Christina’s impatience and rudeness with production and resort staff. Christina admits on Married at First Sight she wants Henry to take charge and at least speak without being spoken to first.

On Married At First Sight Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner keep charming fans with their groovy kind of love. Bennett admits he’s crushed hard on people he doesn’t really know. Amelia who’s decked out in a hat made of your grandmother’s flower garden minus a garden gnome—although that would’ve made a nice touch—just happens to have written a song about that very thing. So she whips out her guitar and sings it for him.

Amani reaches out to Olivia to hang out. It seems these Amani and Olivia of Married at First Sight have gotten close. Woody Randall’s not a huge Brett Lindsey fan, but goes along with it. The topic of Brett’s “Irish exit” from the bachelor party comes up. Brett makes up some nonsense about how he had to puke. Then makes some weird joke about stuffed animals made of skin.  Olivia looks like the embarrassed mom at the playground whose kid is eating dirt with his pants down.

The Couple’s Rate Their MAFS Marriages

After various Married at First Sight activities set to sappy music (I mean it is Lifetime), the couples gather for some cocktails and food. Thankfully, Amani gets things going by wanting to know who’s kissing. Bennett Kirschner is quick to chime in that there is smooching between him and Amelia Fatsi but no whoopee yet.

Henry Rodriguez looks terrified and Miles Williams says he got a cheek kiss. The talk turns to saying what kind of fruit your spouse reminds you of on Married At First Sight.

After Miles compares Karen to guava, the gals decide they need a round of shots on Married at First Sight. Which brings us to this week’s drinking game: drink every time Brett acts like a jerk. The guys decide to rate their marriages on a scale of one to ten.

Of course, Married at First Sight cast member Bennett Kirschner throws out an immediate ten because well—it’s Bennett. Woody gives his marriage a hard nine. Miles coughs up an eight and Brett refuses to do it, citing that it’s a series of staged events, and it’s stupid. Wow.

After his pompous declaration, he overhears Olivia declaring their union a 7. This seems to deflate his growing head. Props Olivia. Brett Lindsey declares it a gut punch. And it sets the tone for him to be an a-hole the rest of the episode. Christina is bored with trying to wake up Henry, so she gives Brett the business about not doing the rating. And later calls a summit with Olivia to warn her of Brett’s playboy tendencies. Olivia listens but looks a little annoyed on Married At First Sight.

Married At First Sight: It’s The Last Night Of The Honeymoon

It’s the final night in Mexico for Married at First Sight. And Amelia and Bennett are building a pillow fort in their hotel room. The plan is to sleep in the fort and tell scary stories. Either production is behind this or they have some serious arrested development issues.

The last night in paradise for consenting adults should be about tequila and more tequila. And whatever happens after tequila. The fort is a bust because Amelia can’t stay awake while Bennett rambles. Yawn. Next.

Of course, Woody gets it right and opts for a rose petal and candle trail leading to a bubble bath which leads to sex. Henry leaps into bed in his socks so we can rightly guess that there is nothing to see there.

Miles is still living off his kiss on the cheek. He presses Karen in the morning about sex, but she is more interested in scarfing his mangoes than giving him any kind of hope for some action on Married At First Sight.

Olivia likes the routine of brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed in tandem with her husband. The very kind of tedium that usually sets in years later in a marriage and not six nights in. But Brett has decided to act like a giant toddler and pout about Olivia ranking their marriage a seven after saying the whole thing was meaningless and stupid.

Olivia gets upset and leaves for a little. But Brett Lindsey apologizes in the morning, and it’s all good again. Till next week! Catch MAFS Wednesdays at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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