‘Married at First Sight’: Christina’s Exciting New Life without Henry Rodriguez in Mexico

Married at First Sight‘s Christina must have really liked Mexico. Henry Rodriguez‘s bride left America and is enjoying her time in beautiful Mexico.

Married at First Sight: More Problems – Henry Rodriguez Frustrates Christina

From the first day of the marriage, it didn’t go well for Henry Rodriguez. His lack of affirmation towards Christina caused problems for the Married at First Sight couple right away. In fact, Christina had to ask him if he found her attractive. And he did say that he did.

Christina kept trying to get Henry to come out of his shell. But it seemed like he was resisting talking to her or putting in his part. Christina said she felt like she was carrying their Married at First Sight appearance. But he did not agree with her and said that he would Venmo her half of the money for the groceries.

Things seemed like they were getting better a couple of Lifetime episodes in. But after a little bit, the problems came oozing out. In fact, Christina said some things that fans of Married at First Sight aren’t sure they can forgive her for.

Married at First Sight: Christina

MAFS: The Lack of Henry’s Confidence is a Deal Breaker

Henry Rodriguez of Married at First Sight shared some deep childhood fears and pain. He said that he lacked confidence because he used to be heavy, and people teased him. Right after he shared this with Christina, she said that confidence was a deal-breaker.

Christina asked Henry of Married at First Sight if he thought he could get over it. It seems like she might have been looking for a man that could pick up and move to Mexico with her. The last visit they had in Mexico didn’t go so great. So, fans think maybe she was a little worried about how her life would change if she stayed with Henry.

Henry Rodriguez spoke with his co-cast member Bennett Kirschner. And shared how things went with Christina. And it doesn’t seem like he has a lot of hope for his Married at First Sight marriage.

Married at First Sight: Christina

Married at First Sight: Good Times in Mexico

SD let out Married at First Sight spoilers that Christina and Henry don’t make it. And it seems like she was more than happy to leave the bad memories of her marriage in the dust. Now she’s enjoying beautiful times outdoors.

It also looks like she might have had some work done. Christina is a lot slimmer, and her teeth look like they’ve changed quite a bit. There are some other parts of her that look a little different. But there’s no confirmation as to all the work she had done.

Married at First Sight fans agree that Christina looks amazing. And it seems like she is really happy with how things turned out.

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