‘Married at First Sight’: Henry’s Bride Christina Unrecognizable as She Flees the Country

Married at First Sight‘s Henry Rodriguez and Christina have had zero chemistry on camera. But things may have started heating up after Christina made some major changes to her looks.

Married at First Sight: Christina Asks Henry Rodriguez If She’s Attractive

Christina from Lifetime’s Married at First Sight asked her new husband if he thought she was attractive right after their marriage. Christina said that she’s used to men telling her how gorgeous she is. But it didn’t seem like she would get that from her new man.

In fact, it was weeks before he said that Christina was sexy. And that was only when he was talking about how she did salsa on their date. Fellow Married at First Sight cast member Woody Randall said Henry calling her sexy was a major step.

It seems like Christina didn’t feel sexy after the show. As a matter of fact, she moved out of the country and changed up her look. Fans of Married at First Sight wonder if Henry is with her in her new location.

Married at First Sight: Christina

Christina Puts Down Roots in Mexico

The Married at First Sight couples excited their time in Mexico—and it looks like some more than others. The flighty flight attendant decided to stay in Mexico according to MAFS leaks about the New Orleans season. And viewers say she’s unrecognizable and looks amazing.

MAFS watchers noticed that Christina has a majorly different look. Her teeth are straight now, and she’s lost a lot of weight. No one can put their finger on it exactly, but her face also looks different.

Some Married at First Sight fanatics wonder if Christina went to Mexico to have work done. Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is much cheaper. And it would make sense if Christina stayed down there to have procedures done.

Married at First Sight: Christina

Married at First Sight: Life without Marriage

According to MAFS leaks, Henry and wife Christina are no longer together. In fact, they split on decision day. It looks like he couldn’t keep his word to always be committed to Christina. Fans laughed that if he did go with her, it would be “his second time out of the country.”

Married at First Sight viewers say that this couple never had a chance. They were a strange couple from the beginning. And no one thinks Henry found his wife attractive.

Die-hards wonder if he thinks Christina is attractive now. But that likely doesn’t matter anymore. Fans wonder when they’ll hear the divorce news from this train-wreck couple.

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