‘Married at First Sight’: Christina Not Happy with Marriage to Henry Rodriguez?

Married at First Sight‘s Henry Rodriguez and Christina had a very awkward wedding. And now it sounds like Christina says she’s not happy with her marriage on the honeymoon. Fans wonder if there’s still hope for this couple.

Married at First Sight: Christina Never Got Flowers

One of the things Married at First Sight celeb Christina said that made fans raise an eyebrow is, “I never got flowers.” At least, she said she never got flowers from anyone other than her grandfather. In fact, it seemed like things were going well because Henry Rodriguez sent flowers over before their wedding.

Right before the wedding started, Christina was a little bit of a diva. They wanted her to do a diary cam, but she said she wasn’t moving. She had her bridesmaids move so she could get her shot. She was even a little snarky when she did the quick snippet.

On an insider interview co-star of Married at First Sight, Bennett Kirschner said the days were long. And, he defended Christina saying it was really hard waiting hours for your wedding to start because of production.

Married At First Sight: Christina - Henry Rodriguez

Henry Rodriguez Never Takes Chances

On the MAFS honeymoon, all of the couples talked, and Christina asked about the matches. She asked if they could all see why the experts matched them. The other couples were excited to say they could see reasons in their own relationships. But both Christina and Henry looked at each other with confusion.

If anything, it sounded like they said all of the reasons why they didn’t make sense. She talked about how he didn’t travel and how she travels a lot. Maybe she was trying to say that opposites attract, but it still didn’t make sense.

As a matter of fact, co-stars of Married at First Sight Amani and Woody Randall were making some faces. It looks like they aren’t buying that the couple is happy about their match.

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry Rodriguez

Married at First Sight: The Truth Comes Out

After the other couples asked about who was getting physical, it got even more uncomfortable. Henry Rodriguez and wife, Christina, said that they talked a lot. And they were building their connection. Again, the other couples on Married at First Sight weren’t buying what they were selling.

Later, Christina said that she felt jealous of the other couples. And that she did wish that she and Henry had that kind of connection. But it did sound like she still wants to try to make things work.

Fans think that the marriage didn’t have a chance. After all, Henry Rodriguez’s first comment was that Christina was tall. See more Married at First Sight Wednesday nights at 8 pm on Lifetime.

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