‘Married At First Sight’: Amelia and Bennett Met Before – Three Weddings and a Freak Out

Married At First Sight had quite a surprise ending to be continued. After the first three weddings went off without a hitch, Amelia Fatsi was pretty shocked to see a familiar face, Bennett Kirschner, at the altar. Karen goes through with her marriage to Miles Alexander Williams even after she stalked his Instagram.

Brett shows up a different man for his big day with new bride, Olivia. And Amani and husband Woody Randall bring the flair to season 11 episode 2 I’ve Never Met My Fiance. Grab some bubbly and Kleenex and let’s get the party started.

Amelia Fatsi & Bennett Kirschner Aren’t Strangers on Married At First Sight

You could call the wedding of Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi a dog and pony show. Literally there was a dog. There wasn’t a pony. Yet. So Amelia Fatsi thought nothing could upstage her wearing a bird’s nest on her head to walk down the aisle. Everyone else: hold my beer. There was a unicycle, Mardi Gras masks, and a rainbow of hair colors. But the real showstopper is that these two already knew each other. And Amelia Fatsi seems super freaked out about it.

Of course, we are left hanging till next week to see what this Married At First Sight backstory is. It could be something terrible like they hooked up and he said he’d call but never did. Or something good like they drunkenly did a random karaoke duet of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” It’s hard to tell as Amelia seems to be hyperventilating and Bennett’s trying to figure out if an egg is going to hatch on her head.

Prior to the ceremony, Bennett sent a thoughtful gift and note. Amelia swooned over the homemade necklace and sweet handwritten note. Bennett spent the time with friends. They wanted to know if he was excited and he said he was looking forward to being close and intimate with a woman. Bennett’s mom Deb shows up and seems to think she is at a community theater audition. No wonder Bennett feels at home at the theater. Will they say I do?

Karen Ends Up The Emotional One At Her MAFS Wedding

Karen was having serious doubts about going through with her marriage to her Married At First sight match Miles Alexander Williams. Someone leaked his name and she was able to creep on his Insta and it freaked her out. She found him a tad too emotional for her liking and “not really her type”. But she decides to push through and take her chances. Miles is pretty calm as he prepares to meet his mystery bride.

Miles stops along the way to hug Karen’s mom. Karen finally comes down the aisle and it’s hard to get a read on Miles’ face. After hearing statements from family and friends about what each has to offer, Karen breaks down in tears. Miles hands her a tissue and tells her he’s got her. So who’s the emotional one now? Or is she crying because she wants to back out? In the end, these two tie the knot.

The first to wed on this season of Married At First Sight take some alone time with champagne on a rooftop. Karen comes clean about the leak and Miles wants to know if she stalked him. Of course, she did. She tells him he needs to tighten up his social media accounts. They make some small talk and actually seem to be a pretty good match so far. Friends and family give lovely toasts at the reception and it’s so far so good for Miles and Karen.

Brett Makes Nice And Marries Olivia on Married At First Sight

In the first episode, Brett didn’t really seem like husband material. He hit on a waitress with a cheesy “call me” hand gesture. And hit on someone else at the bachelor party. After seeing Brett’s brothers in action it sheds a little light on his cringey behavior. They are all fans of sarcasm and constant bad jokes. Brett does seem to really dig the corny gift Olivia sends before the wedding. She named a star after them called “leap of faith”.

Olivia’s family is much more kind on Married At First Sight. There are lots of hugs and happy tears while Olivia gets ready. And both her dad and stepdad will walk her down the aisle. Brett seems genuinely happy when he sees Olivia for the first time. And she can’t contain her excitement when he mentions his cat during the ceremony. So, couple number two have now made it official. Brett even admits if he saw her in a bar he would have hit on her. Stay classy Brett.

The newlyweds take a minute to unwind and have a little chat. And they really have a lot in common other than a love of felines. Both love to workout and watch movies at home. The only awkward moment came when Brett admitted he doesn’t have a lot of disposable income for travel. At the reception, his brother gives a wonky speech about Brett stealing cereal box prizes in his undies. But all in all, it’s going good for Olivia and Brett on MAFS.

Amani & Woody Randall Wow At Their Wedding

Woody Randall and his wife Amani also make it official on Married At First Sight. She is worried her look is too much but her bridesmaids assure her she’s rocking it. Like Coming To America times 10. Woody too cleans up extra nice and gets high approval ratings from the guests when they see him at the altar. Amani talks with her dad and it’s a go as she gets ready to marry a stranger. She’s a little freaked out at first but finally heads down the aisle.

These two certainly have some chemistry. They joke around and both are said to be “the life of the party”. They participate in a broom jump and even in heels Amani nails it. Like the others, the two take a little break with some champagne before they hit the reception. Woody isn’t shy about letting Amani know he’s into her. Amani likes this flirty side to her new hubby. They discuss some deep stuff like having kids and both are on board.

At the reception, Amani’s best friend of 15 years and her “man of honor” gives a sweet toast. This is followed by an emotional toast from Woody’s cousin. This couple isn’t shy and they bond even more on the dance floor. Seems like it’s a good time for everyone. Till next week! You can watch Married At First Sight Wednesdays at 8 PM on Lifetime.

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