‘Married At First Sight’: Henry Says I Do To Christina – Will His Gal Pals Approve? [Recap]

On Married at First Sight, Henry Rodriguez and Christina say I do, but not much more, and it’s pretty awkward when she doesn’t remember his name and calls him Luke. The mystery of how Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi already knew each other is revealed. The other couples dance and drink at receptions while hearing the scoop on their new spouses from family and friends. Raise your glass and let’s dive into season 11 episode 3 It’s Not The First Time. The show airs Wednesdays at 8 on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight Recap: It’s Awkward City For Henry Rodriguez & Christina

Groom-to-be Henry Rodriguez is getting ready for his MAFS wedding. His dad is teasing him about it. Henry’s dad loves to hear himself talk, and even more to mock Henry. It seems Henry is the apple in the family that fell far from the tree and rolled down the street. He starches his shirts and loves to talk about politics. His dad refers to him as pretty and not shabby like himself. Henry Rodriguez seems very nervous and hopes his Married at First Sight bride has good hair and shoes.

Christina is also getting ready and wants her hair done “old Hollywood.” Her mom and grandma are there for her and seem really excited. Flowers arrive from her mystery Married at First Sight groom, and that’s huge. As she only has ever got flowers from her grandpa. It’s almost go-time, and Christina’s mom is fussing with the train on the dress. She has a mini tantrum, and it gets worse when production asks her to do a quick diary cam. She does a quick, smarty sentence and is done.

After getting her dress stuck in the door on the way down the aisle (karma for that attitude girl), the new Married at First Sight couple lay eyes on each other. Henry Rodriguez fidgets and says, “she’s tall.” And Christina maintains her resting b*tch face like a pro. Even though it’s pre-COVID, they social distance at the altar. And Henry seems terrified. His family says he’ll take her to Taylor Swift concerts. This actually makes Christina smile. Of course, it does.

Christina Can’t Remember Her Hubby’s Name on MAFS

Even champagne doesn’t loosen the vibe on Married At First Sight with these two. Henry Rodriguez looks down when he talks and fills in awkward silences by saying “and whatnot” or “that’s right.” Christina tells producers that she can’t remember what his name was. And even refers to him as Luke. She also admits to just getting out of a 5-year relationship less than a year ago. Christina asks a struggling Henry if he finds her attractive. He apologizes for not noticing it sooner and says, of course.

After a very awkward dance, the Married at First Sight pair sits down to eat, and Henry Rodriguez wants to point out his three friends who all happen to be attractive, drunk females. Christina blows him off when she realizes she forgot her earrings and ends up borrowing some from her mom. This doesn’t stop Henry’s trio of boozy mean girls from coming to check out Christina. The first is a blonde named Trishelle, who was on the Real World Las Vegas. She dated Henry once and found it boring.

But, he introduced her to his friend Kristin and another girl, and now they are all BFFs who do boozy brunches on Sunday. Kristin’s claws come out quick as she doesn’t respect a woman who would do this Married At First Sight thing. Besides, she’s not just going to let some girl in their group even if she is Henry’s wife. She doesn’t consider him married anyway. Wow. Watch your back, Christina.

Amelia Fatsi & Bennett Kirschner’s Past On Married At First Sight

The internet went a little crazy after last week’s episode of MAFS. Everyone wanted to know how kooky newlyweds Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner knew each other. The real story was a little boring. It involved a mutual friend named Mary and a discussion about credit cards. Nonetheless, these two seem like the real deal. And bond during their photoshoot over a love of avocado toast. Not surprising.

Bennett is hesitant to eat dinner on Married At First Sight because he is a cultural vegetarian. He sometimes eats mussels and oysters since they don’t feel pain. Not surprising since he speaks to inanimate objects and apologizes to things he throws away. Amelia Fatsi’s bridesmaids are dressed like hostesses at a NOLA party where the password is “fringe fetish.” They grill him about his hygiene, and he says he showers once a day due to sweaty “nether regions.”

They enjoy themselves at their reception and meeting each other’s families. Bennett’s mother and sister give toasts that sound like auditions for Shakespeare In The Park. Amelia’s niece even calls Bennett “Uncle Ben.” The reception wraps with a Fatsi family tradition of her fishing for Bennett with a raw egg. He finally catches the egg in his mouth and actually eats it, which impresses Amelia Fatsi.

Family & Friends Spill The Tea at The MAFS Receptions

The other Married At First Sight couples are getting to know their new spouses through the eyes of friends and family. Miles Alexander Williams’ parents chat with Karen, and his dad admits he’s a mama’s boy and a bit of a slob. Woody Randall’s pals warn Amani of his diva tendencies. They claim if Woody Randall had to be dressed by 10, there would be several wardrobe changes lasting 3 hours. Woody meets Amani’s dad and stepdad and is pretty cool with having both dads in his life.

Brett’s brothers remind Olivia that Brett is “one big sarcastic onion.” And express relief that none of them ever dated Olivia or “swiped left.” A bit of confidence overload there brothers Brett? Olivia’s bridesmaids don’t find Brett’s sarcasm funny, but they love his fondness for felines. The couples head to their honeymoon suites, and it’s a mix of awkward and sweet. So, who will and who won’t? Find out next week on Married at First Sight.

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