‘Married At First Sight’: Bennett Takes a Dip in His Undies as the Honeymoon Begins – Recap

On Married At First Sight, Bennett Kirschner prefers to swim in his undies, which cracks Woody Randall up. Christina tries to draw Henry Rodriguez out of his shell with limited success. Karen’s not happy about Miles Alexander calling her a cougar. And Olivia learns Brett dated right up until he got matched with her on MAFS. Grab some Mezcal, and let’s peel back the layers of season 11 episode 5 The Honeymoon Begins.

Married At First Sight Recap: Good Morning from Mexico with Bennett Kirschner

The MAFS couples wake up after their first night in Mexico. Bennett Kirschner has already ordered breakfast for him and Amelia Fatsi. He admits he signed up for the experiment because he wanted to experience YOLO. He thinks it means “you only love once.”

The Married at First Sight‘s bubbly star, Amelia Fatsi corrects him that it’s really “you only live once.”

Things are not as laid back for everyone. Karen admits she’s nervous about sharing space with someone since she’s never lived with someone before. Of course, Miles says he has.

Christina Checks Henry for a Pulse

Christina is still trying to get some reaction out of Married at First Sight cast member Henry Rodriguez. She wants to know if he likes hanging out with her. He chokes a little on his coffee and says yes. But notes that they aren’t near the chemistry level of Woody Randall and wife Amani.

Christina agrees but lectures him on comparison being the thief of joy. Kind of like constantly pointing out all the things he’s never done? She decides that going out in the sun will help him open up like he’s a plant or something on the TV series Married At First Sight.

For this episode, the MAFS drinking game is based on Olivia. Every time she says, “my husband,” take a shot of Mezcal. Or just some regular old tequila. Olivia reminds us that she indeed likes her husband. Meanwhile, flashes of the real Brett Lindsey start to appear.

Brett Lindsey admits he was dating right up until he found out he was matched. And that the girl was pretty cool and there could have been potential there. Olivia makes her “I just sucked a lemon” face but still likes her man Brett – For now.

MAFS Recap: Bennett Takes a Dip in His Skivvies

Woody and Amani are the it couple of the season. They don’t waste any time grabbing a drink and heading to the pool. They run into fellow Married at First Sight couple Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner and decide to drink and swim the day away.

Woody Randall gets a huge kick out of Bennett Kirschner’s bathing suit because it’s his underwear. He says if it were anybody else out there with wet drawers in front of his wife, he’d be peeved. But hey it’s Bennett, and that’s just who he is. Woody Randall of Married at First Sight loses his wedding ring during the swim.

Christina has Henry dressed and ready for kayaking on Married At First Sight. She looks like a mom leading her nervous son to summer camp as she gets him on the boat with his life jacket secured.

Henry does have a moment of confidence-building when she lets him paddle and be in charge. But that moment is short-lived when he admits he isn’t sure if he knows how to swim. She promises to teach him to float, and if he does, he can have a cookie and a juice box after.

Pressing Questions for Henry Rodriguez On Married At First Sight

Later the Married at First Sight couples gather over drinks to discuss their day. Olivia makes sure to let everyone know that “she likes her husband.” (Shot). Amani and husband Woody are flirty, and Bennett loves their energy. The other couples point out how much fun Amelia and Bennett seem to be having.

Amani asks how things are going for Henry and Christina. Christina admits she really isn’t sure why the experts matched her with Henry. Don’t feel bad girl. No one else gets it either.

Henry admits he’s not aggressive. In fact, he’s never even approached a girl at a bar. Woody and Amani can’t really hide that they feel this situation is whack. But Henry and Christina both try to put a good spin on it.

Married at First Sight: Let’s Talk About Sex Or Not

Olivia pipes in that she likes Brett Lindsey as the questions keep coming. And he is a walking book of knowledge. Henry has a flashback to bachelor party night when Brett was a real tool. And when Henry was comfortable because he had his attractive female friend Kristin with him on Married At First Sight.

The topic turns to sex, or for most, the lack of it. Of course, Amani and Woody have already taken a steamy shower together. Bennett admits he and Amelia have smooched a few times. Olivia and Brett Lindsey release an official statement that they will not be discussing any sexual details with anyone else during the show. Haha, hear that, Dr. Pepper Schwartz? Henry is quick to say that he concurs. Even though he most likely won’t have anything to report anyway.

The Couples Get Deep on MAFS

Before bed, Bennett and Amelia get deep about childhood experiences. Bennett was close to his sister and his parents raised them Jewish with a minor in theatre. He also revealed his mother had cancer throughout his childhood. This caused him to obsess over mortality.

Amelia grew up with a working mom but also a present one, so it was a happy life. Later over a giant chess game, they discuss the future, and the topic of moving for her residency seems to make them both freak out a little.

In a rather strange Married At First Sight convo germaphobe Olivia (no suitcases on the bed) admits to peeing in the shower a time or two. This horrifies Brett as he won’t break wind or pee in front of a woman much less in a shower.

Later Olivia kind of kicks his butt at an obstacle course, and Brett Lindsey blisters his hands pretty bad trying to keep up. They discuss the past, and he admits to an engagement that they ended because his fiance chose to cheat. Twice. Olivia voices her concerns about having kids.

Christina is still trying to get something, anything out of Henry, so she drags him through the mud. Literally. The couple visits a mud river bath, and while Christina takes full advantage, Henry won’t get his hair wet. He struggles through the whole thing, and Christina is disappointed yet again. But she’s optimistic that if she keeps making him uncomfortable, their passion will grow. Said no one ever.

Married at First Sight: Karen Miffed That Miles Calls Her a Cougar

Karen is freaking out about her marriage already. And has only recently acknowledged that Miles has moved from the rank of a stranger to an acquaintance.

Miles chooses to tell Karen that he’s been in ten (yes ten) monogamous relationships. Karen tries hard to keep her head from exploding. She has only had two and admits the last one ended when he had a baby with someone else during it. She also worries about their age difference. Married at First Sight superstar Miles Alexander keeps calling her a cougar.

Karen really doesn’t consider this a compliment. She brings it up to Amani and Woody on a speedboat excursion. They agree that it’s really not cool to call her that. And for anyone who wants to know why Woody Randall explains it best: It’s a woman breaking bread on a youngin’. Like a sugar mama.

Later Woody and Amani get closer to being the first couple to consummate their marriage. Till next time! Be sure and watch MAFS Wednesday nights at 8 on Lifetime.

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