‘Married at First Sight’: Brandon Reid Still Hates Cameras While Taylor Dunklin Loves the Spotlight

Married at First Sight‘s Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin were one of the couples people couldn’t get their heads around. How did they get matched? And was Taylor for real or was Brandon really as rude and mean as he appeared on the screen?

Married at First Sight: Brandon Reid Wants the Cameras Out of His Face

Fans of Married at First Sight aren’t sure why Brandon Reid ever agreed to be on the Lifetime series. It is strange that someone with such severe anxiety over even a video selfie would sign up for such an invasive process.

The last thing anyone has heard from Married at First Sight star Brandon Reid is when he and Taylor Dunklin got into a fight at a bar. Since he didn’t come to the reunion show, no one knows his side of the story. At this time, both of them have restraining orders out against one another.

When Brandon and his wife Taylor Dunklin were on their honeymoon, he didn’t want the cameras in his face. Not even his wife’s video camera. And it seems like he isn’t getting in front of the camera anytime soon either. There are no new photos of Brandon anywhere, even on social media. Brandon has gone off the grid.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin

Taylor Dunklin Loves Her Social Sharing Life

One of the things that was a problem for the couple was Taylor Dunklin’s love of social media. Every time they went to eat or drink anything, Taylor of Married at First Sight would have to take a photo of it. Brandon didn’t seem to like this at all, but this was one thing Taylor wasn’t giving up.

Brandon even said he was a little worried about how many followers Taylor, his Married at First Sight  bride, had on social. He is a very private person, and having Taylor sharing all of this information made him a little uncomfortable. He even questioned whether Taylor was really there for the right reasons, or if she just wanted to get attention.

When Taylor sat down with Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Brandon, she said that she really wanted to make it work. Most MAFS fans think she really did want to be with her Married at First Sight husband, Brandon.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin

Married at First Sight: A Recipe for Disaster

These two were a recipe for disaster. A source told Soap Dirt that Taylor wasn’t even supposed to be Brandon’s match. And they say she was a last-minute replacement which may explain why the two weren’t a good match.

Before the lockdowns, it seems like Taylor was on her way to becoming a travel influencer on social media. Which explains all the bikini photos in sunny places. Now she mainly travels to isolated places with her nine-year old dog Tyson.

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